It’s time to correct the Pimax “8K” name issue


For now, maybe. But in several years new generations of HMD will be produced by everyone. I think it is not wrong to predict that “scuba mask” in VR will be thing of the past by then, therefore 16:9 aspect ratio will not be used for VR, screens will be much wider. And as it was always in the past, it is a horizontal screen resolution that would be used as number of K for screen. So, Pimax whit it 4k, 5k and 8k most probably wouldn’t be the last. No need to worry about it, just you wait.


If you ask me the only people who are complaing about the name are those who didnt read the kickstarter details.
It was in the specs, kickstarter was clear it was two 4K screens, not full 8K.

Is it misleading? Not really as it depends on your view of things.
Two 4K screens, 2 times 4 is 8, so 8K
Pimax never tried to mislead anyone as they gave the specs in the kickstarter, so anyone who read them knew.

But as I said before, maybe a better name would have helped, like the 4K-Duo, or 4KD to help emphasise it’s two 4K screens, not an 8K one.


Whilst I absolutely hate the concept of naming Software and Operating systems due the frequent updates…It can make sense for hardware.

Personally I think they should have just got rid of the K…
4X, 5X, 8X, 8X Premium

I’m simple like that and removing the K would have just got rid of all of the confusion.


God can’t believe this is still going on…
Just because of the dudes writing articles are so unprofessional that they just copy the 8k ain’t 8k thing and all the rest,
we waste time and energy an discussions about that excrement mater of fact… is it only me getting passed off on that ctrl c reportage style?? And the zero relevance added?
One starts, all copy, nobody’s thinking, everybody’s debating
It’s been posted so often …


Wasn’t still going on, until you started it back up just now - 29 days after the previous last post. :7

As for ctrl c+v reporting; As far as I am concerned, that would be the kind that just regurgitates press material from companies with something to sell (advertising under a different name), instead of putting in the due diligence and critical thinking that apparently has you all worked up.


It’s still a crude marketing hoax; I don’t want to have to explain every time it’s different than on television, nor do I want to say something that it is not.
So Pimax “8K” is very tempting.


So you revive a month old thread and then post that it’s still going on? That’s quite weird IMHO.


It is this reason alone they should change the name. Even if they lose 10% to a branding perception failure that is too much. “Pimax Horizon 8” allows them to at least keep one character in compromise, but any more stubbornness on Pimax’s part about the issue is going to cause the public to perceive they have less character.


It’s just a name. It’s not a spec. No need to explain it to anyone. It’s still higher res than any other consumer headset.

I do like “Hammerhead”, but that’s probably not a good marketing product name. Honestly, I think they should have named it for the FOV: The Pimax 200. But that brings up a problem: How to distinguish between the 3 different models? It would be even more difficult to describe than the 5k, 8k, and 8kx.

This thread has been going on far longer than I expected. My take is that Pimax has made their decision and it’s no worse than a lot of other marketing shenanigans. We should just accept it and move on.


If I design a product I wouldn’t let some guy on the internet tell me what should I name the product.


Sorry indeed guilty- showed up as new on the account yesterday and stupid as I am I didn’t check the date - maybe just delete the thread, I’ll take the blame.


Welcome to the asylum!!


The board system this forum runs on confuses the hell out of me. :slight_smile:


No worries lol Simple truth TV manufacturers screwed up the standards with the not 4k; UHD resolution. 4000 or 4096 is 4k. They should have stuck with the #p at 16:9 standard since 1080p is not 2k & was never marketed as such.

The only proper use of the k standard is Qhd which is a true 2.5k. Its also why alot of folks are confused & think 1080p (Fhd) is 1k when in truth it’s slightly less tgan 2k (2000 or 2048). When in truth 720p (HD) is just over 1k.

In reality 8k Uhd is not even close to 8k it is more like 7.5k ish & doubling that 15.2k will be called 16k.

So really if we use the corrupted standard it is simple to describe as 8k half height. Which is how they used to describe hard drives at 5.25" that occupied 1 5.25" slot was half height. Or 2160p @ 32:9.

Even displays using different aspect ratios seem to each be calling it different things. In one sense maybe best to use MP to describe res realstate.

My phone for example if you use the nonsense approach of rounding is 3k (28801440) but then so is the Vive/Oddessy with (28801600) lol

The simplest truth read & understand specs instead of marketing hype.


Pretty much with you on that (still :wink: )
I just see it that way, its part of the spec, the Horizontal part. The Vertical part is up to the usage, some like 16:9, other are 4:3 or 43:18… and if i get unsure, I just check here andösung use a calculater or my Head to get the amount of Pixels and then I compare it (e.g. to know how hard of time my 1080 will have).


you know , i am in computer since a while, so i get no problem with units.
but frankly when it comes to pimax settings it is very misleading.
ok i got an 8k headset that is not 8k, i know it.
so should i set my graphic card to 4k ? No i know the image is resampled to something lower.
So what 2560 ? more ? less ? or should i a optimize over vertical resolution.?
this 8k is nowhere useful, the headset could be named Superfield it would not hurt more than 8k.


It’s really not that big of a deal. I get it. I’m OK with it. It’s just that there are gonna be people that aren’t. That could account for 10%. 5% of where you get to in market share. Just for a “little” misunderstanding. At least explain it somewhere in the marketing, that it is (almost) 8k in horizontal resolution … <----- 7680 (8K) pixels! ----> So people can’t say you tried to dupe them.
I’m addicted to Overclocking. I’d like to push the absolute maximum in market share that I can; wouldn’t you?


Its why its important to be an educated consumer opposed to impulse bling shoppers.

Buying a home stereo is an excellent example.

For example:
Pioneer rates its Componets in Peak
Yamaha rates theirs in RMS.

If you with advertised numbers the Pioneer with 100w looks better then the Yamaha at 75w.

When in truth the Yamaha is the louder of the 2. While not exact but the Pioneer rms value would be something like 60w rms.

Its the same with Nvidia vs Amd gpu. Paperwise the Amd card should perform better than its Nvidia counterpart, however differing architecture.


Sensitivity and Total Harmonic Distortion is what you look at as well. Good sensitive speakers will have much greater dynamics but also sound like crap on tiny bits of distortion.


And again, i don’t care what others will think, 5k/8k is absolutely fine for me .
Just find out my car is not a 2l but only 1992cc…have to call my car dealer :wink: