It’s time to correct the Pimax “8K” name issue


I like that, Pimax 200. That would work VERY well :slight_smile:

The Pimax Cylon
Pimax KITT


or Pimax SETINSTONE8K would work VERY well :slight_smile:


LOL, yep, that’ll do it :smiley:


Or Pimax BW200FOV90HZ8KX, why not? :smile:


[quote=“Cdaked, post:206, topic:5027, full:true”]
Or Pimax BW200FOV90HZ8KX, why not?[/quote]
I just hope it’s not BW200FOV 75HZ8K.


80Hz minimun.
More precisely Pimax BW?>160FOV>79HZ8K(UHD)X? at this moment.

Too complicated. What if we call it Timmy? For the head, size…


How about Pimax FUSION. Because it always seems to be 5 years away :wink:


Or for the shape of the Gillette Fusion razor head. :joy:


Pimax 200. I like that!


You know, technically if we take the bottom 2 rows of pixels from the two L and R screens, it’s Pimax 16K. (screensscreenWidth)+(Hscanscreens) = 16


Got it !!! "
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