It’s time to correct the Pimax “8K” name issue


I’m just going to call it the Pimax horizon from now on like its a done deal :slight_smile:


How about Pimax VisionBlast


Lets face it. 8K is most likely set in stone by now. All their patients, marketing etc. However 8K Horizon specifies the horizontal resolution. Far better than simply naming it 8K

8K Horizon
5K Horizon

@xunshu Once the headset is locked down you should consider re branding for consumer release


I dunno

How does backing a product with a chance to receive rewards become naming products for a company and demand full transparencies all stages of the development of the product.

I dunno man I have never seen a company doing that


I dont think anyones demanding they change the name? Just throwing some ideas round


This isn’t a demand or instruction. Just a community-initiated idea/suggestion instigated from the frequent debates the 8K name seems to trigger ‘still’ which is getting beyond boring.

And 5K, 8K etc… are not exactly great original names anyway.

So no harm in this debate to see if inspires Pimax to consider the option to change the name for the final versions.


Don’t think you can use horizon as it’s taken… What about Pimax Vista. And VistaX


I like that. Really nice!


Pimax Devil’s Helmet.


What other publications are doing this the way R2VR did in that article? Besides which it only needs to made apparent once at the beginning of an article, not done every time 8K is mentioned within the article. The way R2VR did it came across as unprofessional.


Thank you! Many thanks


I think the 8K name worked amazingly well for Pimax, it’s dishonest and annoys me but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have gotten the media coverage they got without it.


A kilobyte is a thousand bytes now.
A kibibyte is 1024

Sorry but everything you learned in school is wrong.


Not sure if your serious but if you are then you’re wrong.


Yeah I know this, but no one uses it here


Actually it seems to get the new way to promote these VR resolutions. The media calls the Vive Pro a 3k gheadset with its 2880 horizontal resolution with 2 panels.
This doesn’t make it more accurate but it seems to go that way.


I think Horizon is the one that fares better, because of the concepts of a broad view and what is to come. That in the name it bears “Pimax” already differentiates it. What counts is that it’s differentiated from its direct competition such as Rift, Vive or Odyssey. It’s almost certain that any word with meaning is already used.

If you want to be sure of being original, it’s better to use names of Chinese landscapes; surely they are not so used and are more representative, exotic and suggestive.

Hammerhead is tacky and a source of future jokes. If we are going to name it by the form, better call it “Angle”.


Yruth 8k is correct as it is an 8k resolution at an aspect ratio of 32:9.

Now a proper & accurate description would be.

8k half height. With a pic showing 4k at 16:9, 8k at 32:9 & 8k at 16:9.

8k is different at different aspect ratios the real misnomer is presuming & not educating readers on understanding how aspect ratios & resolutions affect one another.

So 2160p at 32:9 is 8k half height.

With that being said we can’t blame media for being influenced by the public that was only thinking that 8k only can be represented by 16:9 (the standard aspect ratio used today for TV).

Or the fact only qhd is accurate to call 2.5k as the vertical number is minimally 2500. 4k is actually 3.8k & doubling it would be 7.6k not in reality 8k as its almost 1/2 k less.


Very serious and I am objectively and undeniably right.


Absolutely right. Metric kilobyte vs Imperial(like or based) kilobyte. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: