It’s time to correct the Pimax “8K” name issue


Someone best inform Microsoft then…


Microsoft has been aware of the differing specs. Software & ram uses 1024 to represent 1k & 1024k as 1meg.

Hard drive makers have been using metric 1000 bytes =1k & 1000k = 1m. Just buy & read a hard drive info sheet.


I came up with Horizon, but what about the name of any beautiful landscape from China? A different name for each product. “Pimax (One beautiful chinese landscape)”

I just would avoid using a number corresponding to any supposed hardware specification.


A new name would help on many levels, including eliminating reviewer qualifying statements. I think one feature that sold many of the KS backers on the 8K was the increased FOV and the name should reflect that. From posts above and others, I like; Xpanse, Horizon, Landscape, Panorama, or just Wide.


Well like pointed out before, I’m 99.9% sure that Pimax won’t change it anyway. But yeah a much smarter name would be something like “Pimax Horizon”. Time after time it seerms Pimax doesn’t make very smart business decisions. That’s just how things are, now we have to hope that they can at least fix the hardware and software issue’s that were discovered at CES.


I think that the ‘standard’ when discussing resolution in VR/HMDs should be horizontal resolution. Im okay with the 8K being called the 8K and it setting the standard when discussing VR resolution.


I like Panorama because that’s what it produces. Agree changing would be a good idea but I doubt they’ll do it.


Look at it this way: it really is the only part we can actually provide Pimax with input on.


Horizon also brand of old TV that i used to play in my childhood (but i like this name)
Hammerhead is cool and visualizing name


I agree, I guess name suggestions are better than demanding features to be implemented/fixed when people have no clue what they actually want/need. I will redact my previous comment.


Sure? I think it is clear that the product has flaws and that we all want them to be fixed.


I vote for “Pimax Supra Vive 8kh” for the 8k and “Pimax Maximus 8kxh” for the 8k x.

And or the future, “Pimax Ultimum” for the 16k.

Or simplifying, what about “Pimax 4kX2” for the 8k and “Pimax 4kX2 x” for the 8k x?

What about even, “Pimax 4K2” for the 8k and “Pimax 4K2 x” for the 8kx?


I would assume that Apple might sue me already when I would call my new HMD “NoamLoop iHMD”. For a phone called “NoamLoop iPhone” I would be absolutely certain. But I’m no lawyer and thus don’t know whether “Pimax Horizon” is different enough from “Arcade Horizon” to prevent suing.
The Arcade HMD seems to be unavailable at Amazon at least and I couldn’t find a homepage for the product, so perhaps it’s discontinued and they do not care anymore in the first place (?)


I only recommend not using a specification in the name, as long as that is the case, any name seems good to me. Although it would be good that it had relation with the characteristics of the helmet, like the FOV and that is Chinese.


In fairness the whole its not 8k non sense was a misnomer based on public’s incorrect assumption that 8k is represented by Television standard of 16:9.

Although in reality (not vr :dizzy_face::joy:) doubling what has been sold as 4k (3840*2160) is not 4k it’s less. Qhd we could say is accurrate as it has a min of 2500 to be called 2.5k.

Even 1080p is not really 2k its slightly less.

8k is nowhere close at 32:9 (76802160) or 16:9 (76804320) as neither is even close to 8000. In truth both are 7.6k.

With the excessive width the PiMax 8k would be accurately describe if you accept 7680 as 8k it would be 8k half height to keep consumers understanding specification.

But like you said manufacturers are not in the habit of educating consumers against their presumptions or how to understand how specs are applied.

While this doesn’t cover 16:9 it will ilustrate well.

Take the 4k & extend it the full width & you have 32:9 or 8k half height.


I am totally with you here @Heliosurge - I thing 8k fits - add a “name” for the variants and done it is. Why so much fuzz about that?

I mean, otherwise my clothing would be so white and clean that even the 11 physical dimensions don’t manage to take it all up - since 50+ Years things are the best ever (or the cleanest, most white washing …), the “1er” BMW series share a 2.0Liter diesel engine - but are named 116, 118 and 120 which used to be the series plus the engine size and so on…


I guess there will be a stamp somewhere with “Made in China”, so dont worry lol
even though I know you mean "Designed & Made in China.

When even wikipedia tells you that 8k stands for 7680x4320, then 8k is not the right choice, it´s hard to argue against the use of google and wikipedia as a source for information. When we talk about “resolution” than 8k in this case doesn´t stand for a resolution but only for the width amount of lines ~8000. It´s a misleading spec in the naming that doesn´t clearify the resolution, everyone should add the real resolution when saying this products name. “Yeah I bought a Pimax 8k, it´s not really 8k more like half 8k or 2x4, but it´s a really great thing and this is what I like about it…”

Also, forget Pimax Horizon, It´s now Pimax Hammerhead all the way from here : )


I am in agreement on almost everything; Hammerhead came up, but, except internally among the backers, I can not think of anything more horrible and tacky. People will ridicule us enough because of their shape.

Although Pimax Hammer does not sound bad either.


Wild hammerhead HMD appears


The v6 prototype? Pimax UFO?

We finally have news after CES!