It’s time to correct the Pimax “8K” name issue


Really, that whole 1000 vs 1024 discussion you’ve brought up is ridiculous. Nobody is going to feel cheated when there are 2.4% pixels less then they thought. They WILL feel cheated when there are 50% pixels less than they thought. Come on Heliosurge, some common sense please.


No common sense is when you buy a beverage that if it says 500ml it is min 500ml+

I know as i work in a beverage company & this is what is the legal standard.

K = min 1000 & we should not be accepting rounding up. & with display k = width.

When using XXXp it is height.

Neither has proper meaning without application whether you use hdtv standard or aspect ratio.

Which is why maybe MegaPixels should be used to represent screen realstate

PiMax 8k 16MP
8k Uhd 32MP
True 8k (1:1) 67MP
Or if direct comparing with HD.

PiMax 8k 1/2 height of 8k uhdtv.

If clinging to k is only at 16:9 then the Vive Pro is 3k as i beleive 2880*1600 is 16:9 (slightly over)

Where as my lg g6 under the 16:9 is not 3k since it has only 28801440 opposed to 28801620. But yet both are 3k. G6 is simply at 18:9 or 2:1.


You are choosing to care that “8k” “means” 7680 at 16:9 to you. Lots of people cared and were confused that “4K” no longer meant 4000 when UHD took it over, they still went ahead and did it anyway. If people don’t care that 8k doesnt mean 8000 it means 7680 then most wont care that 8k doesnt mean 16:9 either, just like 4k can mean 4 or 5 different things other than just 2160p 16:9.

Picking and choosing what “most people” will or wont care about is a bit hypocritical and disingenuous. Most people dont care about most things to be fair.


That’s just ridiculous. Accepting that 7680 = 8k is VERY different than accepting a resolution that 4000x lower (7680x1) to be 8k too. Same with half of 8k


But people already do it with various 4k resolutions and marketed products.


Give me 1 example then


Google is your friend. 4k isnt just UHD.


You’re claiming that people are now accepting 4k to be 50% less than 4k. You can’t simply say ‘google is your friend’ with such extreme claims.


I agree qhd (2560) should be called 3k since 7680 is being accepted as 8k & later we will accept 15360 as 16k.


8k was already shown as more than 16:9 in the wiki why do think 4k will be different?


I’m really not sure what your point is here. Because of the 1000 vs 1024 naming convention we should accept pimax 8k having 50% less pixels than 8k resolution?

Interesting, let’s see what wiki says: “8K resolution, or 8K UHD, is the current highest ultra high definition television (UHDTV) resolution in digital television and digital cinematography. 8K refers to the horizontal resolution of 7,680 pixels, forming the total image dimensions of (7680×4320), otherwise known as 4320p


Yes 8k uhd (4320p @16:9 after all my phone is 1440p @2:1) is the highest Television resolution. Not to be confused with highest or lowest 8k resolutuon.

True 8k at 1:1 has over twice the resolution of 8k uhd & is using the standard 1k=1024.

I am sure Hard drive mfgrs love your support & would have saved money in the lawsuit “my Harddrive formats to less than advertised”. Throw in rounding like tv does & we can legitimately sell a 1.75TB harddrive as a 2TB one (after all no one is going to bitch about 250gb)


Go and look up pixel shifting projectors.

You do know wikipedia is crowd sourced right? Its not an actual authorative source for anything.


Really again, please explain your point why you keep bringing up the 1000 vs 1024 discussion. Your point is because of that we don’t need to care about 50% less pixels than the name 8k promises ?


Yeah go google this, google that, come on, you can do better than that man. I don’t think you’re that stupid.

I only brought it up because Heliosurge said wiki was somehow supporting his claims. It’s clearly NOT


Your correct 8k uhd is 50% less pixels then full 8k*8k.

The point is simple on 1000 vs 1024; tv is saying less then either is a k.

1920 = 2k dif -80 min
2560 = 2.5k dif +60 min
3840 = 4k dif -160 still minor
7680 = 8k dif -320 (close to .5k loss)
15360 = 16k dif -640 (ovr .5k loss)
30720 = 32k dif -1280 (nearing 1.5k loss)

So why defend getting less each time accepting as more?

My point is PiMax should not have supported TV lowball numbers. So case in point even the PiMax 4k should not be called 4k as it is technically less like a 4khdtv.

Btw wiki does support it as it clearly defines k TV & other aspect ratios just doesn’t show all possible but does show 1:1 which is the truest one of all.


I’ve given you the example of something that they applied “4K” to as a marketing term that was less than half of 4k, most of them would only take a 1080p input.


Sorry man I’m really losing you now. What’s up with 8k*8k ??

I’m not defending it. I just say I don’t care too much if resolution, mem or whatever is slightly less than you’d calculate with 1000 instead of 1024. Now 50% pixels less, THAT is something I do care about.


No, all you said is ‘google is your friend’. I’m still waiting on the actual example.


Pixel shifting projectors. Hello? Is this thing on? Testing testing.


8k resolutions that are not uhd & devices below 8k at non uhd numbers