It’s time to correct the Pimax “8K” name issue


Bad example. Google it.


And your point is what exactly?


Speaks for itself only true 8k is 1:1 with 67mp.

8k is more & less depending on how it is referenced.

K standard as used by tv mfgers & most monitors is a deception since it is less than full min value (save for res like qhd)


Anyway on a serious note, Epson sells those projectors as ‘4ke’ or “4k enhancement”. I do too very much believe that that’s extremely deceptive marketing. They’re hoping consumers won’t notice and that they think they’re actually buying a 4k projector. That’s the idea behind it. Only Sony’s projectors are REALLY 4k.


So wikipedia is wrong and they should be corrected, to state 8k = 8k*8k ? Maybe you should edit wikipedia to correct it then.


They did say 8k uhd. So they are right.

As i said the whole “k” marketing is wrong as they are misusing K standard entirely.

K = 1000 No rounding


And how is that related to this topic exactly? What’s your point?


Now your being thick. The point is clear the way the industry has been using k in sectors like Displays is false advertising save for the 2.5k qhd & things like the PiMax 5k.

Vive/Rift 2.1k
Psvr 1.9k
Pimax BE 2.5k
Pimax 4k 3.8k
Pimax 8k 7.6k
Vive Pro 2.8 or 2.9k

Even the Vive Pro calling it 3k is false advertising since it is less than 3000 minimum. If you want to use k use it properly.

8k Uhd should be 7.6k Uhd or 4320p @16:9

Nvidia should have sold there gpu with 768megs as a 1gig.


Welcome to Pimax 8k’s suggestions for a new name.

I think that this thread consisting 90% of wrong estimations, awkward decided standarts, deceifing naming of features, hiding problems by hiding them behind new definitions and new standarts, lies companies tell us, which are so deep implemented in all the things we use that people don’t believe you when you tell them the thruth nor are willing to inform themselfs, creating myths in their mind and thinking that these are real… shows just how miserable the choice of this name is. It falls in the same pot where these greedy companies stand that are willing to lie to us customers - even when we are willing to give them our money and believe in their products.

Transperancy, or at least no unecassary implying at all is what I want.

I mean guys, look what this thread is about - It’s all about wrong naming of things and the problems this creates.

I think transperancy is the way to go.
Pimax Hammerhead, or any other name you want to use is the way to go.

Let’s just boycot the “Pimax 8k” name at all, If we tell people about this great idea of an headset let’s just use the name we think it fits the best, the name which we love to use it for - without some marks, or comments after we say it.

From now on, I will name it Pimax Hammerhead. If they never heard of it, then they’ll use google and land in this thread were they can understand the full extend of my frustration with the name and why I’am doing this. If they want to know the specs, they’ll get them. If they want the name, then the name I’ll give to them will be the name of this product. No matter how others might call it. Follow me on this path, and just use the name you want.


So your point actually IS that because of the 1000 vs 1024 naming convention, we shouldn’t care if a display has 50% less pixels than expected. Because hey, others use 1024 instead of 1000! You do realize that’s the same as waiter giving you a bill with 50% fixed service fee on it? Your logic is to accept it because hey, they do that with 10-15% too. Companies will screw you over anyway so don’t complain! LOL Come on Heliosurge, that’s just a ridiculous argument.


Exactly 8k is wrong unless we are talking 8000 min. Full res or using the conventions like

4320p @ 16:9 = 76804320 (7.6k4.3k)
2160p @ 32:9 = 76802160 (7.6k2.2k)
8000p @ 1:1 = 80008000. (8k8k)

No nonsense fake 8k crap that isn’t.


Linus joins the madness!

3*4k = 12k?


So since the industry (and consumers) came to accept that 8k resolution might be slightly less than 8k, then it’s ok to reduce pixel count with 50% ? Haha come on man this is really getting ridiculous now


I remember the old 56K modems, and how real they looked. People really valued their time in those days.
People these days clearly have nothing going on, they need hobbies. Otherwise they start arguing over arbitrary things like the names of things.
Names are really important to them for some reason. I guess that’s what they specialized in, in university.
Years ago if you went to some random guy and asked him for his thoughts on the ‘8K’ naming scheme, he’d probably be like “What!? Who cares? Get outta the way I’ve got a world war to fight!”
Men were men in those days. Women, also, were women. Some women were men. I digress.
But hey, don’t let me stop you. I’m sure that if we can find the perfect name for the 8k, that makes everyone happy and ticks everyone’s boxes, it’ll solve world hunger and N.Korea will be like ‘oops my bad guys, here take all our nuclear stuff I don’t want it anymore. Anybody got something to eat?’.
Me, I didn’t study nameology in university, so maybe I can’t fully appreciate the gravity of the arguments here, I’m like ‘wow who cares, this is like the least important thing in the universe’, but again, I’m uneducated in this regard.
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you brilliant geniuses showing us laymen how a real nameological debate works. It’s fascinating and I think we’re all learning a lot.
So thanks! :smile:


This is really an awesome post. From 56k modems to women who were really women to nuclear war with North Korea to 8k. It really has it all, well done!


The min of 1000 goes to not following it.

1980 > 2000
3840 > 4000
7680 > 8000
15360 > 16000

Now the possible good news a class action suit down the road could get folks on rebates this.

Don’t beleive it can happen?

Memory chips used before year 2000 at one time you could get $20 rebate without needing proof of purchase. Not sure how they can say a mem chip was sold at an overpriced rate. But hey free $20

Recently Loblaw’s had an action against then for over charging for bread? Again & in this case Convienence Stores sell the same bread for considerably than Loblaw’s but hey getting $25 giftcard & can still profit from the lawsuit. Go figure.

Now with TV & others should be fine uptil the sale of 4k TVs & displays; since 1080p TVs were not sold with 2k as a brand. Instead they used 1080p & FHD. Once they started K road with the 2160p (misnomer 4k) is a new path. Smart manufacturers will advert as 2160p UHD.


Yes modems were awesome & speed advertised was correct.

My first modem was a 14.4k softmodem that was upgraded to 19.2k modem; Simple DOS days with simple clear specs.


I think I’ve made my points and you made yours. Fact of the matter is, if you like it or not, that magazines WILL keep starting articles with an introduction that the Pimax “8k” is not really 8k. Hence People will think of Pimax as scammers. Fact of the matter is also that there’ll be quite a lot people who bought the 8k, thinking it was really 8k and who will feel cheated on, just like happened with the 4k. Hence, THAT is why I think it’s a bad name.

Anyway enough said, I’m getting tired of this. And it’s a really useless discussion anyway cause with 100% certainty I can already predict that Pimax will not change the name. It’s going to be “Pimax 8k”.


12k ish @48:9 :relieved::joy::joy::joy:

But yeah madness what they call 4k.

3840x3= 11520

Shouldn’t it be 11.5k? :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:

Its truly amazing that the tech industry is failing miserably at math & bringing the consumer with them.


True it is likely they won’t change the name; but they might surprise us.

My point is simple & much broader than calling PiMax 8k. It comes down to how “dumbed down” we’ve become accepting less as more.

Simple Fact
K standard: K=1000

As consumers we should not accept & settle for xK is less than x1000 they should be >=.

xK>=x1000 not xK<=x1000

But in todays day & age i will look forward to the rebate when it becomes available.

9 screens at 4k each is not 12k its 11.5k. & accepted 8k HDis only 7.6k.