It's here: 2080 Ti VS 1080 on Pimax 5K+! (updated with X-plane 11 fps, and new update with 9900K!)


Which FOV setting were you using?




When do you get the Pimax 8K?



I have 8K, but it’s borrowed away.


Have you compared the 5K+ with the 8K with the 2080ti?

Does the 8K get less fps?

Why do you prefer the 5K+ over the 8K?



I haven’t compared the tow. My 8K is not in my hands now.


Interesting, so it seems 1080Ti to 2080Ti won’t be world changing?


They have a bottlenecked pc, the results he’s posting are from a 1080 also, not 1080ti yet there’s little difference because of other issues. between these two there is up to 100% increase in speeds during various other benchmark tests. A 1080ti would give similar results as seen here with around 30% performance increase.

1080ti to 2080ti isn’t expected to be as big a jump though, we will find out pimax relevant tests when more land. But even if only 25-30% increase it might still mean the difference in something being playable rather than not.


Yeah I think some people don’t realize that 30% is huge. It can be the difference between nausea and smooth goodness.


That’s what I have been telling everyone the last few weeks.


It could be if the world stutters in a 1080ti and not in a 2080ti :wink:


Yeah “I7 4790K” is a bottleneck. 2080ti should at least give you around 15-25fps more than 1080ti in any game.


Can you get Xplane to 45 fps by lowering Pitool setting to 1.0?


So by how much (percentage wise) did performance improve…?


Terrible results. and that is against a GTX 1080. Just get the 1080ti and call it a day


Friend I wanted to ask you a question about the interesting data, that you bring …
“for RAM get 3200 mhz DDR4 with CL latency timings of 14, x2 8gb or x2 16gb as 4 sticks slows the system down if you’re using a dual channel board (put one stick in each channel, not two)”
… I have a plate with 4 slots for ram, I have the 4 slots with 4 modules of 8 gb ddr4 of 2133 hz, I have the possibility to remove all and put in place two modules of 16 gb ddr 4 to 2133 hz.

Do you think I will gain in speed and performance in ram memory ???

Thanks for your help.



vr is 4k gaming if you think about it.


Interesting, big thanks @yanfeng!
Gonna do a 1080ti analysis soon. Unfortunately still no 2080Ti delivered but I was not expecting too much improvements in this sim. Its all about CPU single core performance here… maybe we can reach 60fps with 5Ghz CPU and max OC on 2080Ti but not much more than that.


I just tried the medium graphic settings with the same scenery of Aerofly FS2, and the fps jumped to around 85. When airborne it can easily pass 90. And this is the most demanding DLC of FS2. Just can’t praise enough for FS2.

I reverted back to maximum settings as I think at 50 fps Aerofly FS 2 is actually quite smooth and playable.

Also I am picking up Elite Dangerous, but stuck at the Advanced Combat training mission. Oh it’s so steep learning curve. It’s very smooth at default setting. Really enjoy it.


ED’s learning curve is a steep wall. I played the training missions for about 2 weeks, until I felt comfortable actually playing the game. To me it was worth it; I’ve got nearly 2000 hours in-game, but it is NOT a game that everyone will enjoy.

My advice is to take your time; slowly progress through the different ships, since they are some of the best “content”. Don’t rush to get a large ship like an Anaconda; the smaller ships are much more fun to fly. I’ve earned over 2 billion credits and I still don’t have an Anaconda in my fleet; I’ve owned 2, but not for more than a few hours (before I sold them).