It's here: 2080 Ti VS 1080 on Pimax 5K+! (updated with X-plane 11 fps, and new update with 9900K!)


Thank you for the advice. :relaxed:


I purchased elite and dangerous over a year ago for the rift . When I started the game I was amazed how great it looked then I spent the next half an hour trying to figure out how to get off the launch pad and got the shits and haven’t played it since.


If you keep at it, it becomes second nature. Flying your ship is the best part of ED, but you have to like endless repetition to enjoy the game. I’ve made over 6000 jumps and “first discovered” nearly 2000 systems.

I can’t wait to finally play ED in VR! :heart_eyes:


You haven’t played it in VR after 2000?? If not, you’re about to have the best 2000 hours of ED ahead of you. Still blows my mind every time I play after 1400 hours in VR.


Yes and this is why I’m a backer: Pimax has made the first VR headset that (imo) was “good enough” to purchase. My plan is to use it on the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. I was on the first expedition; it took months to fly to the far side of the galaxy and back. VR will make it an “all new” experience.


You’re going to have your head exploded and probably cry a little if you’re this into ED and then get to step inside with the quality and fov of Pimax.
Just try and map all possible commands to your hotas already because once you’re in VR the keyboard becomes quite useless


I’m more worried about relearning to use the galaxy map. (I currently use the mouse.) I’m a touch typist, so the keyboard will still be accessible to me (but most of the commands are already mapped to buttons and/or VoiceAttack).


I am one of the early backers of Elite Dangerous several years ago, but uninstalled it quickly because of the daunting learning curve. It’s just out of curiosity that I installed it again to see how it looks on Pimax, and I am hooked!


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Can you guys list Pimax Software versions in your headings when you post video information like this. It may help for future readers


You’ll be fine using the galaxy map with HOTAS, you’ll get used to it quickly. I also sit the keyboard on my lap and use it all the time.


I always mention the PiTool version and settings in videos :slight_smile:


so I’m curious. Ive been hearing this alot from mrtv and now you. 50 fps feels smooth and good. Are we just overreacting about needing 90hz for the game to feel good on pimax?

I know different people have different tolerances and it may depend on the game. The oculus go and quest run 60 and i never had any issue with it.

Also i hear that brainwarp isnt available yet. but does steam reprojection work on pimax. If not then is having no reprojection better than reprojection for perceived smoothness at sub-60 fps?

im asking because when swevivr was playing fallout 4 vr. he constantly complained that he was seeing reprojection. so it leads me to believe reprojection doesnt really work that well in the first place.


Reinforcement has arrived. Stay tuned!


OOOooowww shiny i like shiny :open_mouth:


Yesterday I got the Asrock Taiji Z390 motherboard and installed the 9900K. As the power is low I did not do any overclocking. With the same setting and the same scenery the FPS rised to around 76 (previously around 50). I only did a brief test as the motherboard has some problems and constantly hangs. I have returned it for a Gigabyte one.


Curious on your xp11 settings, what AA were you using (and was it with hdr enabled)?

How are you getting clarity with a steam SS at 40%, most reviews seemed to say to not go below 80%.

Currently my 5k plus setup with xp11 is having issues, everything is super shimmery and jaggy… not happy at all (my initial test was good for some reason)… putting the rift back on was night and day sharper.


What controllers do/did you use? I was hoping I could get away with HOTAS Warthog, rudder pedals, and a mouse.

My rig: I7-6700k/GTX 1080(think a 1080Ti would help). I’ll bet a lot of us are in the same boat.

Thanks in advance for your speedy reply.