I've failed to use pimax4k(+leap) with steam.....help~~~


i’ve failed to use pimax4k(+leap) with steam…
actually, it work well with flyinside for fsx, but when i connect steamVR, my pc start to be slow n stop any game or s/w…
it’s in win10 n my pc performance is quite good…
i’m almost crazy when i see pimax…
there’s pimax site is only use ch-txt for mailing or QnA or somethings…
someone plz help~~
how to set them~~~


@jonnypanic @pimax_fr

I believe the above folks have experience with Leap Motion.

A great program for helping with 3rd party vr solutions Leap/Psmove/kinect. Checkout Drvr4vr

If you can please post details on your pc setup. Cpu/ram/gpu. Piplay version & firmware. Leap Motion version & driver version.


Are you using driver4vr? Or the other Leap Motion SteamVR mod?
Flyinside has native support I think, but for SteamVR you need to use one of the above two methods. I haven’t tried the Leap hack, only Driver4VR, which should work fine as long as you have a bluetooth controller connected.


my pc: win10+i7(3.6GHz)+Ram16Gb+GeForce GTX1060 3GB

VRs: PIMAX4k(Piplay2.0.5.46)+ LEAP Motion(no driver4vr)

it’s working FSX with Flyinside

today i updated piplay again for last Rev.) but same problems…

when i start piplay 1st then start steamVR(checked leap’s working), it’s ok until this step.

when i try any s/w(VORPX or Gravity.Sketch.VR or any one), pc start to be slow n steamVR is stoped…



Are you using Driver4VR?