I've Learned a way to Drastically Improve Frame rate on Pimax headsets



I have learned that there are a ton of features on Windows 10 that actually slow down your computer drastically to the point where you are missing out on a huge improvement in games. There is a way you can debloat your computer and change settings around to improve windows, and gaming functionality. If you follow this video instruction it gives you a huge performance boost while using the Pimax 5k Plus headset.
Turns out there are a ton of windows 10 default apps and settings, as well as pop up notifications that can slow your games down. Follow this users instructions and I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will see a huge improvement in games using your Pimax headset.
I saw about a 15-30 fps improvement with my GTX 1080ti after following this youtube video instructions.
Thanks to Xander Baats for this awesome and easy to follow video.


Will this really work for our Pimaxes? I mean it seems that our bottleneck is usually the GPU. It looks like most replys on the youtube video are that they are getting lower CPU and memory stats. Havnt heard much about GPU


You will not get this improvment maybe 5 fps average if you are lucky and your system was bloated all over before…


No, trust me I’ve done tests myself and seen some pretty good performance increases after disabling all of Windows 10s notifications, settings, and deleting all the unnecessary background processes.


You mean no to the post above you saying you might only see 5fps improvement or you HAVE seen better improvements to fps. Thanks