JBD microLED 2 million nits, 10,000 DPI (5000x4000)



JBD microLED 2 million nits, 10,000 DPI (5000x4000) brightest, highest pixel density in the world.

JBD https://jb-display.com shows their active matrix inorganic microLED display chips and panels with wavelength ranging from UV to visible to IR. The pixel pitch ranges from 400 dpi to 10,000 dpi with a varity of resolutions, high brightness, high EQE, high reliability, these panels are ideal for AR, VR, HUD, projector, weapon sights, 3D printing, microscope and more. JBD’s microLED uses wafer level technology, no phosphor, no pick and place, no mass transfer, no quantum dots, everything is made by Silicon and compound semiconductor on a wafer. At SID Display Week 2019, JBD shows 2 million nits brightness Micro LED, 600 DPI bi-color Micro LED display implementing JBD’s proprietary transferring technology to move red and green LEDs to silicon CMOS backplane. Also, JBD shows a mono-color microLED module with the same silicon CMOS backplane solution which achieves a pitch size of only 2.5µm and 10,000 DPI achieving a brightness of a million nits (on the 10K DPI display, 2 million nits is achieved on the 5K DPI display) at a resolution of 5000x4000. JBD is capable to minimize the pitch size to below 2.5µm, which surpasses DLP. Their next step is to increase brightness and to achieve full color.


And what exactly does this mean for VR?


Much better displays for HMDs, with much more sharpness, brightness, contrast and refresh rate.


Perfect blacks, HDR…

We are supposed to get Mini LED first (2019-2020), which is not as good but much better than what we have now.


Sounds good, will they be affordable or xtal priced do you think?