Jerky head tracking [Pimax 4K w/ NOLO vr]


I’ve made progress on my VR setup and I’m getting closer to a satisfying setup.

The problem now seems to be head tracking.

My head seems to jerk up and down repeatedly at random in game.

This is a big problem when trying to aim weapons and it hurts the immersion in general.

What do I do?



I fixed it by replacing Pimax/Nolo with a mixed reality headset.


Hey there,

Sorry to not be of more help for your issue, but curious if you ran into any problems configuring your NOLO VR with your Pimax headset to connect in the first place - having those issues myself.

Though in general for tracking issues, I’ve seen most people recommend moving the NOLO base station further back & higher up from yourself for a more accurate angle. What’s your current distance like?


Hi @Ironstorm, sorry for the late reply because of Chinese Spring Festival,regarding your problem that you mentioned, we suggest that as below:
1.The base station should be placed on the edge of the mesa to ensure that the base station laser is not occluded to
ensure the positioning effect.
2.Positioning the base station is highly recommended for height with shoulder height, and the scope is wide open, so don’t
be blocked by objects.
3.The head locator and the handle are opposite the base station, double-click the handle system key (2 circles), can reset the positive direction, and reset the handle position.
We are hoping it will help you.:slight_smile:



What if I want to use a 360 degree solution?


With Nolo? Maybe the ceiling mount might work but generally 2 base stations needed to do good 360.


Hi, you may try to put the base station in the place that is high,open and safe.
Please be sure that can avoid interference. Hoping that will help you.:slight_smile: