Join us on the Pimax 5K+ vs 8K demo event with VRSpace in Netherlands this weekend 1-2 December!


so for now you would choose the 5kplus…


100% 5K+

Back tomorrow to see if the annoying pixelrepresentation is persistent for the diamondshaped pixelstructure.
Mind, this is my perception playing here. There are others who do experience it differently.


Thanks George for sharing your impressions


@George the only thing that keep me wanting the 8k,are the colors and somewhat better black…

And also you will see some black dots on the 5k plus if you look closely…

by the way how was the distortion on the sides?


Wouldn‘t it be enough to set up a screen between the two play areas ? A cord and a blanket might be enough…

I would really like to check out more than only Project Cars 2, though I really like the game. But I will be grateful for what I can get :wink:


Too bad they did not have a 5kBE around to be tested as well. Let’s hope to get some info from Seoul…but since the Asian backers/testers have their own forums I’m afraid we’ll only get very little if any feedback about the 5kBE at all. Anyone from this forum attending in Seoul by chance?


Thank you for the impressions!

So, it means you did not notice a smaller pixel at 8K compared to 5K +? (about 1/2 of 5K + pixel)

Where was the higher perceived resolution: 8K or 5K +?

For me now the main question is the resolution of the panels, the pixel size.
If the perceived resolution of 8K (3840x2160) is no better than 5K + (2560x1440) due to its penTile (only 2 subpixels versus 3 subpixels 5K + RGB), can we see an 8K + advantage in a smaller pixel size or doesn’t …?


Hey guys! Most of the recordings from yesterday were made on my camcorder, and I cant transfer them now, but here are a few smartphone clips at least.

I will do many more impressions with the mobile camera today and post them here.

From yesterday:

I found a great screenshot of pixel/SDE comparison of the 5K+ and 8K and would like your feedback

Thank you for your videos, from there you can learn a lot from impressions …:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Surprisingly, in the last video at the very beginning, Martin tests 8K and talks about SDE 8K similar to Odyssey Plus, did not it seem to me? :grinning: This is very good for 8K supporters. But he had performance problems and stuttering on the 1080ti.

Later, about 5K +, he says about a little more SDE, but not bothering him, while 5K + is clearer, without stuttering.


Leaving in a couple of minutes to travel to he VRSpace event. I will share my experiences tonight.
I have already experienced Oculus DK1, DK2, Rift, Vive, Gear VR en Lenovo Mirage Solo so I am really curious about the Pimax headsets (Backer 5770 :-))


Day 2:

A few more coming!


So I went to the demo and it was great to meet @SweViver. About the project cars demo I am very disappointed. When I looked around with the 8K the surroundings were stuttering and when I looked up the image got flickering lines like a bad tv signal.
If Pimax want people to choose 5k+ they couldn’t have choosen a better demo but to compare 5k+ with 8k I think it was terrible. I would have been really happy with Lucky’s Tale for a comparison.
I didn’t notice any distortion on both headsets, I don’t look at the edges and am just very happy with the FOV. I won’t use my HTC vive anymore when I get my Pimax.
The tires were really beautiful black on the 8k and black/grey on the 5k+.
My conclusion is I am really happy to get a Pimax headset but I still don’t know which one to choose! I must say I think the SDE was too high for me on the 5k+.


Yeah that was exactly my idea when I saw that first guy complaining about stuttering and reprojection, that shouldn’t be an issue at all when comparing the HMD’s, people should be able to focus on all aspects but that, when making a choice between those 2 HMD’s.


BTW, something I haven’t even mentioned here but I do agree to the girl who says she feels less sick with the Pimax 5k+ in Skyrim. I’m pretty prone to VR sickness but I do feel it actually LESS with the 5k+ than the Vive Pro. Which is really contrary to what I’d thought I’d feel because it would be logically to think that the distortion problems would induce VR sickness. So it’s quite interesting why at least some people seem to feel less VR sickness. I’ve also heard contrary reports, I think it was Sebastian who said he ‘needed to grow a new pair of VR legs’, so maybe it differs from person to person. But like the girl said, maybe the added FoV is what improves it. Or it could just be the lenses maybe.


Guys I have more stuff on my camcorder and I will catch up later with you here!
Thanks a lot to everyone of you for visiting this meetup, for some really interesting discussions and your awesome opinions, I hope u enjoyed it as much as I did :slight_smile:
And a HUGE thanks to @VRSPACE (and Pimax team of course) for making this possible!

I will make a shorter edited video from the meetup on my channel later this week!

Cheers all :kissing_heart:


Thank you for the videos, very informative.


Thanks a lot for all Your effort, Martin! Enjoying every second of Your videos and even though it’s hard to wait (pre-ordered 5k+, so it’s gonna be a looong time) it actually makes it a bit more bearable knowing what to expect… :slight_smile:


Hold up. Did they merge a SweViver and Sebastian Ang here? Is this real life?


Yea that was me, let me try to explain.

8K - This was interesting, screendoor is really similar to the O+ from which i can tell, Maybe the O+ is a little better, i missed an 1to1 comparision and I only got 7 Minutes with the device.
What I can say hell was this stuttering, it was like 3 seconds driving and that hanging for 0.5 seconds. Really unplayable like this. And it was bad for a real comparision.

5K+ - Noticeable SDE I expected it to be better, but I think if you are more in the game you maybe forget about it. Performance wise it was really good no stutters at all. I was thinking I can read the gauges on the 5K+, but that was not the case.(Maybe SS was not that high??)

FOV - That is really a great thing with both devices and a real reason to get one.

So am I wiser now, which one to choose now that I got the O+ at home…??
No really not, unfortunatly…
For me the 8K looks more like the O+, the image softness, SDE… maybe the O+ has a bit better image quality and less SDE but also small FOV… (I can supersample on high settings).
The 5K+ supposed to look shaper, but for me it didn’t, and the colors are really colder, which I dont like (if I compare it directly).

From that short demo with only one game and 15 Minutes to try both, I would almost say I prefer the 8K…


Thanks for the clarification, I really was very interested to know this, because the comparison with Odyssey + is quite significant :slightly_smiling_face:

The fact is that I myself have recently heard how 5K + is compared with VivePro in terms of SDE. And this moment does not suit me very much in 5K +. Therefore, I want to go to 8K, but I can’t find for myself a complete confirmation of this final choice, because some say that diagonal SDE catches their eye on 8K on some surfaces (sky for example), and this does not happen with SDE 5K +. And at such moments I can not understand why a smaller SDE at 8K may be more noticeable than at 5K +.

Still, 8K should have a pixel almost 2 times smaller than 5K +. And this means a higher resolution in the first place, which should give the output less noticeable SDE. And if you raise SS higher, then 8K should not yield to clarity, and can win 5K + on all fronts.:+1: (well, except perhaps the update frequency)

And your impressions are very helpful in my choice, adding another brick to the base of the 8K fence :grinning: