Join us on the Pimax 5K+ vs 8K demo event with VRSpace in Netherlands this weekend 1-2 December!


oh oke, have you seen the review voodoo DE ?, his reviews seem more balanced to me after trying the headsets
About elite dangerous, i don’t worry about it after trying the 8k , i play it a lot also , text is perfectly readable in the 8k, it’s only softer, rounder on the edges, And colors and blacks are better at the moment, i’m in doubt if pimax can get them as good on the 5k+ because of the lower contrast


I’m asking myself, why on these public demos, Pcars2 is always the way to go… there are so many good sims like Assetto Corsa, Raceroom or iRacing and all of these are known for not being so demanding on the GPU. So when you want to show a racing sim, why not choose one of these? I think for showing the image quality it’s not important which one you choose, but perhaps you would get a better over-all-impression, if the fidelity of the graphics (no stuttering) is better. This is like, you choose Fallout 4 over Skyrim…

One thing I’m wondering about though is, that it seems that no one is ‚wowed‘ by the FOV and resolution that much… I mean, ok I’m still using a DK2 right now, but I would have expected like people would be more enthusiastic trying the Pimax (perhaps it’s this spotlight, camera nervousaty :wink: )… I hope at least, when I get mine, that I’m running round my living room, waving hands and yelling at the cat, how awesome it is… and I’m a sober German guy!.. but perhaps it’s because all you guys are so ‚techy‘ and analytical… no offense here, just wondering and trying to explain it to myself.


The point is, most of us who went there have been following the progress for over a year now and had quite clear expectations as to what the Pimax brings to the table. So you have the great FoV, but that is known, and everybody is focussing on the flaws which were reported to see for himself. It automatically gets a focus on the weaknesses rather than the strengths.

And of course when writing about it here you know the audience, no need, no point in praising the well-known advantages if they are not important for the choice between the 5K+ and 8K.


people are just different, as is used the, even more FOV, starvr and last weekend the 8k/5k+ it was more “yeah good, that’s how its supposed to be” and its more similar to reality i have when i use my eyes, its nothing “new”, being under water with scuba gear and seeing real sharks or lion fish or jumping out of a airplne 1st time with a parachute was more of a new experience (also more adrenaline too)
beside when you are at a event (in the public) you might be more controlled about you behavior then being alone at home

i just cant imagine anything that would make me ecstatic jumping around, even a live alien appearing before me telling me i could travel along with them would not do that

i guess also what you experience in vr has more effect then the headset itself, for some people that newer used scuba gear it might be “the blu”


I think it’s because its just a natural thing, the view that your used to in normal life. Only when you go back to the old field of view it’s shocking. It looks like crap and can’t believe how you used that all the time. But please jump around when you get it :slight_smile:
I cant wait now till i get mine…


Thank you for that info! ED is my number 1 reason for getting a VR headset. I’ve been waffling between the 5K+ and 8K for weeks. I’m attracted to both headsets, for different reasons, but now I’m thinking that the better contrast, blacks, and colors of the 8K are more important to me personally, than the improved crispness of the 5K+.


Geez… I’m in the same boat but have decided for 5k+… now I’m questioning the 8k. Is the RXT 2080 capable of the 8k?


It should be. Of course, that really depends on the game and the graphics settings. For the 8K, it might be better to use High, not Ultra and use a higher super-sampling setting.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the 5K+ and 8K are fairly similar. I think most people would be satisfied with either one.


We have fellow backers tested the 8k on a 980 ti @fresco & 1060 6g @ludx. Both like muself also have a 1080 ti. All with nice results.


Yeah as more impressions come in l am leaning back towards the 8k now because of the slightly better colour and SDE . But it would be better if there was a GPU out there that could run it at a higher pitool setting. I know Pimax have said they will fix the colour on the 5k+ so will wait and see .


To test how far the panel can be pushed with & without scaler would be interesting to build a special p4k with scaler switch. 1440p input upscaled to 4k. Switch off test native res at full settings on both.


no problem, i didn’t tried elite with the 8k i hope you did read it the right way. But the fact that i don’t worry is based on my experience with project cars with the 8k en the 5k. I wouldn’t like to play elite so much with the 5k+ because of less contrast and more washed out colors. I just got my comformation email by the way im in the 2200, i have choosen 8k finally


thanks to all people from VRSpace for taking the time giving us the option to compare both headsets

i was attending to find out how big the difference might be from my point of view, as just being a casual user/gamer, not having hundreds of hours in mostly one or two experiences like ED or Skyrim

even with my gear lens modded vive, where after the mod i could clearly see the pixel matrix and had stronger SDE, i usually only recognize it for a short period or when focusing on it, when immersion kicks in i forget about that (also sharper picture, no rings from the fresnel lenses and godrays), having to much time with one experience might also be the reason why some people care so much about SDE, when using just one experience for a lot of time you get much more used to the environment and might spot the flaws instead of admiring and being more immersed with always new content

because of some technical issues i only had a shorter time on both headsets in asseto corsa and had different cars and tracks so comparison was limited, the 8k + computer seemed to have issues as it had drag and lag i’ve never seen befor with my vive
everything was kind of off like both eyes where not right (and i tried different ipd’s), everything seemed a litle jumpy (reprojection?) and also everthing had some kind of delay (as if motion to photon was to long, maybe also reprojection?)
i had not such problems on the 5k+ and its computer, i asked sweviver about that (as he has seen the pimax hmd’s in a lot of conditions/problems aka experience) and he was voting for reprojection problems
beside the display differences i also wanted to test about what sebastian (mrtv) was saying about the object persistence problem on the 8k, but i guess with the technical issues on the 8k system what i saw was likely just normal problem you have when using unfinished software (pi tools)

imho even without knowing which of the two hmd’s you wear, everyone who has seen the 8k/5k+ lens shots and counted pixels will see the difference in pixel pattern and SDE and can tell instantly whats the 5k+ and whats the 8k
you can see pixels and SDE if you look for it (in uniform areas like the sky), the striped SDE of the 5k+ is more prominent and “wider”, the SDE of the 8k seem more distributed, looked very similar to the pattern of the oculus rift they also had for testing, so people “trained” for the pentile oled SDE and realy hating it might be reminded of it and might reject the 8k SDE right away
in terms of SDE the 8k wins, i did not see any difference in details or colors (but i had no proper conditions to really judge), so for myself i will stick to the “hard facts” of the lens shot showing clearly that the 5k+ has more (sharper?) details, the “look” of both hmd’s was not that different, both would pass after that short test but i’m sure after more time and different games …

after reading about the 5k BE (oled) from the korean meetup i get higher hopes for this version, they seemed to like it more then the people in the US meetups, hopefully we will see some comparison lens shots to judge about he details in the picture (less subpixels), if the detail level is the same as the 8k and the SDE is not too bad … maybe slightly lower visuals vs better color/black when comparing with the 5k+ might be ok?

sad thing is even after driving 8 hours and seeing both headsets i can’t make a clear decision, its still 5k+ as it seems to be the safer choice (90Hz, no potential scaler lag or potential scaler problems as it has no such thing and the visuals - what hits the eye - are good, clear/sharp picture), maybe the 5k BE when its good, but there was to much comments about how much lower the picture quality was (apart from better colors/black)
i really hope the three testers get 5k BE units soon so we can hear what they have to say about it and maybe we will see some lens shots


The guy in the Day 2 #4 video says the 8K is dimmer than 5K+. Can this be confirmed by someone ? Is 8K darker than 5K+ indeed ?


My understanding is that the 8K has better contrast overall: Slightly deeper blacks and slightly brighter whites. It should appear to be darker, in dark scenes, but not overall. Disclaimer: I’m just repeating what I have read; I haven’t tried either headset.


I did not notice any of such difference in luminence (but I am not overly sensitive to it either).