Just added "wind simulation" to my VR sim rig


I bought SRS “Double-the-fan” Power Wind Package for race sims, but I also figured out that it’s nice addition when flying in IL 2 BoX VR with opened canopy, and ofcourse there is no telemetry exposure, so for now only joy2key helps me when opening cabin. Only 1 flight sims is fully supported - Xplane 11

Race sims software auto recognizes the car/track max speed and changes the fan rpm accordingly (@ every 1 MPH or KPH, not in intervals).

my short Vid here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQYtgoGCoAI&t=93s


The Kickstarter also unlocked the clip-on fans, would be nice if they could be used in this way too


interesting add-on - I kind of like it :slight_smile: … but that’s not a 4K! :wink: the cable you have going down your back… does that not tug when you look down? - catching behind your back?

for me being a die hard Elite Dangerous fan, i would want it to drag me out of my seat and pummel me if my canopy blew out! lol

Ohh and i will be moving this post out of the 8K category… into say General


maybe thats looks a bit messy but cables are long enough :slight_smile: and Vive rEvolve headstrap sit tight and comfrotable


just wait for atmospheric planets and SRV raid on them - this kind of stuff might be usfull :wink:


I don’t think atmospheric planets are on the cards… Defiantly not in the beyond updates… Real shame tho :frowning:

Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!

upgraded my SRS wind simulation by 3d printed straightener, now is blowing ~50 % stronger but this positivie for correct sensation when driving http://i.imgur.com/EzUksJj.jpg