Just drop the NDA now. (Argument inside)


Realistically. Tell me what importing breaking events will happen from now to sunday that prevent the nda from being lifted now?


And why cant you wait till Sunday for the NDA to be lifted? The point of the NDA is so it gives the 3 testers enough time to make a proper review instead of them rushing out a video as soon as possible.


Maybe theres some unknown suprise to come…

8k X reveal
1000 units ready to ship
Pitool launch…


Everyone’s getting antsy, which is understandable, given the delays. We’ve waited this long, a few more days won’t make any difference at this point.

Production has started, that’s what matters. The NDA is not holding up shipment. The headsets need to be assembled, tested, and packaged. That takes time.


Technically, if anything was to happen, you should not know anyway :slight_smile: that’s how NDA (or communication embargo) works.


I think this is how everyone is feeling.


Take it easy Im far from finished with editing even… :joy:


Back to work. No time to write replies :wink:


Came in to say this ^
The NDA lift date is most likely the result of how much time the reviewers have asked for.


Why would you even care about the NDA now, you’re not getting the headset faster if it’s lifted. Just wait to the 16th.