Just found this, 8K?




EDIT by xunshu: it was v5

VRManiac shows Pimax 8K v5 prototype with Lucky's Tale

well, that is definitely an 8K.


The head strap looks a bit worn.


I ever read that vr maniac is a tester in korea, but that video will not break the NDA?


one would think. On the plus side it looks like everything is working fine. XD


I’ll take one. (or 20)


well that’s one big plus for the pimax 8K


Obviously NDA is lifted… go for it testers! :wink:


VR Maniac is not a tester. It was a v5.


huh. The date on the folders on their computer is from yesterday. You can understand why people would think it was the M1 because of that. How in the world did they get a v5 and were using it yesterday .


That and another post on here (rumor granted) says vrmaniac’s ‘team’ is waiting for the M1 to arrive. Since we’ve only got Rumor to go on … speculate away!


well either way it shows that the 8k will work directly with rift games


Now we have your attention :slight_smile:
Will we be getting any updates soon :slight_smile:


The video was publish yeasterday but the datat in is computer is today 9-07-2018. Realy testing with v5 instead m1?


Not just the date in the windows screen, also if you look at the dates shown in pitool for the SteamVR games, they’re all from a few days ago. Why was he testing a V5 this weekend?


I have written an article here, in English, with photographs.

There is also a Spanish version available.


Aaand it’s unlisted now.


In the comments he now replies “Sorry cant disclose more because of NDA” !?!?!



OFF: Sorry for raging,i just…i just cant anymore…too much secrets.


the camera was held a bit off angle in my opinion when looking through the HMD… and i noticed no warping on the edges… thats good…