Just found this, 8K?


All this makes no sense … He’s under NDA, testing a V5 this weekend, but he’s not a tester!!!


Hmm I dont know what you guys think but this video worries me a lot when it comes to the actual quality of the screen.
I mean look at this Lucky Tale lens though video of the Pimax 4K:

or the Oculus Rift:

and compare it to the recent Pimax 8K video:

I know they were shot through differnet cameras but it shouldnt make up for that amount of blurry picture also look at the colors for example.
Its quiete troubling dont you think?



to be honest, with the recording devices ability to compensate(focus, sharpness, lumen) for things its really hard to get an impression in the first place


I joined that Korean forum on VRmaniac

More or less the Korean people are just as curious as we are.

I made it into their forum. And they are reading this forum too :stuck_out_tongue:

VRmaniac doesnt have more info on the pimax either. Same as here: doubts on deliveryschedule and items on FOV and GPU cards. Same everywhere I guess.


I don’t think so, I snap pics of my 3k IPS all the time and it doesn’t look anywhere as good as the actual screen. I wouldn’t be too concerned.


This is absolutely hilarious


Nice try… :joy:

(but of course in vain…)


The colors and brightness looks by far better in the headset than on the also filmed monitor on desktop.


Hmm youre right…it would seriously baffle me if the Pimax 4K screen is that much better then the 4K screen of the Pimax 8K.
Lets hope it was just the cameras fault. Allthough…look at the other Pimax lens through videos…there you also see the kinda washed out colors and blurry image. I really dont know man.


In the youtube video he admits he’s not a tester and that it’s not an M1 but an older version. Why this guy then has this HMD and what he’s doing with it is beyond me.


This is the delightful mystery that will no doubt keep the forum entertained for the next week.


Mmmmmmm the video seems to have been removed now…the plot thickens


That’s why I had the foresight to save images from the video :laughing:


I did get a reply from him when I asked if he was a tester, well sort of :slight_smile:

Vr Maniac replied: “I’m not a tester, and I have an early version, which means that I can not disclose information that the tester does not disclose.”


My wild guess is that folks from Asia applied for an M1 without success. I also guess that the V5 does not differ from the M1 at least in terms of compabilty and recource demands at all. (Yes, we know about the V5 flaws)
So he might have gone with the V5 instead of…nothing

It still may be a valid unit to test exactly the kind of stuff that was shown on the video like oculus games compabilty, piplay implementation and so on. Yes that “through the lens moment” was odd showing in an outdated device, maybe he was just blown away anyway probably comming from rift or vive and just could not help it :slight_smile:


And launching Oculus game without revive.


Yep, That’s the point. :laughing:


Something does not equate.

If VrManiac is not an M1 Tester then perhaps he was some kind of stealth v5 Tester with the same NDA as M! testers.

If none of that is true then nothing legal should stop him from disclosing whatever he chooses.

Maybe he is an M1 tester and jumped the gun and is now trying to back-pedal.


colours inside the headset look really vivid in screenshots.


Have someone saved the video ? Point me a mirror ? Thanks.