Just found this, 8K?


VRmaniac is the name of the forum
The username is: 꼰찌. (Phonetic Kkonjji), which roughly translates as: Lace (or even Braided belt).
But I doubt Google translate has this correct.

VRmaniac created a central buy-in for the Pimax kickstarter. Kkonjji is the force behind that initiative. Users from VRmaniac are backers also, but in a different way. Users wrote in and paid money to VRmaniac which on their turn bought in at Pimax kickstarter. So VRmaniac is address on a lot of headsets for Korea.

Because of the progress being made they want to inform their backers who gave them money to buy the pimax 8k centrally. Thats what the purpose was from that public vid: inform their customers. They didnt know it could be picked up outside their country.

The VRmaniac site still has the urge to inform their users, although they cannot show any vid/clips anymore (apparently). But… They are in awe and almost cannot hide their excitement. Backers also want to see Elite Dangerous tested and Eve Valkyrie. And also DCS comes to mind for a user.



To not be under an NDA but can’t talk/post videos pubicly seems to have been a common courtesy agreement.

Back to waiting…


whether it is a v5 or an m1 this seems like a great sign.


‘They’ are as excited as us. They also watch Sebastian MRTV youtubes and even use screenshots from his M1 showing that he became the first M1 tester.

Not sure whether they have a M1. Could be. But officially denied, so …


How did you find this video?

BTW: all users on VRmaniac forum are just as excited as ‘we’.
I’ve checked several forums like:

  1. http://forum.pimaxvr.com (Sweviver; Sebastian MRTV; VoodooDE)
  2. https://vrforum.de/ (German VR: VRODO): Sebastian MRTV; Axacuatl)
  3. https://cafe.naver.com/vrmaniac VRmaniac (Korean: Kkonjji)
    and several others

I checked several VR sites:

Every site has their own critical thinkers on delivery and disappointments and live between hope and fear.
I have come to the conclusion we all very much alike all around the world: NOW WHERE IS THE PIMAX 8K!!!
No. We are pretty much the same everywhere. I hope to meet you all in VR related environments that will take place in the future. I have become attached to you guys & gals. Peace! :sparkles::gift_heart:


there has to be an 8k vr chat meetup for sure.


I hearby designate you the Pimax official good will world ambassador. Congratulations!:clap::+1::v:


I’m quite concerned about the sharpness of the image, every through the lens video has had very muddy looking image. That 4k image looks fantastic, it’s a shame there’s not a better version of that.


Remember Pimax 8K does not have native 4K resolution as the Pimax 4K does. Thats because of bandwidth limitations for more than 60Hz that Pimax 4K has…


Pimax 4K doesn’t have native 4K either


Ouch! That must hurt a little :wink:


It was never advertised as such, it was simply to reduce SDE and for that it worked perfectly


Just notice that the green color in 4k version is looking better, not sure that it is up to color tuning or not?


It must be the brightness that some of the pimax sets have suffered under. This must have been a direct result of the work of the testers here in this forum.


Unless you film each one with the same cam & settings/conditions. Results will vary.


Almost non-existing SDE…nice , looks promising !