Just got back from Pimax LOS ANGELES backer meetup


Thanks, so there were no 5K BE in sight? Did they said if 5KS and 5KBE are very different in term of screen?


Thank you, I have updated my original post with your formatted one.


I only heard them say it was the 5ks (which may be called the 5kbe?) not sure if they are the same thing, but you will have to seek out other attendees as I didn’t try that headset but only relayed what I heard from those that did. It was basically just about the hand tracking more than the headset I believe to show off their module/tech.


You’d need to meet Andrew. Loves both headsets & said Vive Pro is dead. He sold it from his shop shortly after having it.


Sorry dont follow you? Whos Andrew?


StarVR One I have been told apoarently will be going for around $5000.


It should be named as Star5k+ LOL.


Gaming PC builder seller. Strong ties with Amd. He will be assisting getting some Amd vega 64 testing. We had some issues on his pc as the custome water pump is doing some odd things. Will be seeing him tomorrow & may have something to report by week’s end.

From our limited tests with Gunjack & War Robots he was very impressed stating these are very sellable now.

He does like the 5k+ more so. But does say both are great!


Thats great for him. Doesn’t make up for what I just read though. It’s good to read some real world impressions that’s all


That’s the same as my experience of first encounter, but you will get to like it more and more along with more usage, and you will be unable to go back to other current headsets.


The Samsung headset your referring to is that the Odyssey + or do they have some other headset in the works?


I worry that some of this is due to ver .84 of the Pitool software. I mean it seems all reports from those with exp said it was a step back in terms of effect on the HMD’s. Maybe a new ver update will put things back on their previous course and maybe improve it perhaps as new iterations are supposed to do.


Another LA meetup impression posted on the reddit rift forum



That’s quite positive. One more tick for the 5k+


Yes the Odyssey plus is the one I was referring to.


I quite agree with the reddit post.


Great report and although I’ve not seen the 8K myself from the use of the 5K+ for the past few days I can agree with what you’ve said here.

I’d also prefer if they allowed us to just use SteamVR, however I have to admit that PiTool has been better than expected so far! But the choice would be nice.

You’re also helping my FOMO on the 8K part :wink:


@PimaxVR Could you set 5k BE to show more game for comparison with 5k+ and 8k in next meetup?


5K BE - Somebody tried Luckeys Tale (reddit comments on latest review) and said it was more colorful, blacks were black but the SDE was more visible than the other HMDs That’s all they said. One liner.


Interesting how he felt the 8k wasn’t better than this Odyssey in terms of clarity. But the 5k+ seems like a very nice product, although the sickness part also puts me a bit off. I know Sebastian also struggled here. I’m prone to VR sickness myself (can’t play some games for more than 45 minutes), don’t want it to get worse