Just got back from Pimax LOS ANGELES backer meetup


Although normal fov, It look the 5k+ has some more distortion than 8k on some IPD because the smaller size of display or anything, I am asking him about his IPD.

I just test tpcast, it has some green light at the right of the lenses, I am not sure what is it, but I can fix by adjust the distance between eyes and lenses. I think we need more thickness cushion to solved this issue in the current time before.


Odyssey+ is out today


I cant find a dealer for it. Not on Samsungs website not Microsoft Store :frowning:


B & H photo has it open for pre orders


Waiting for a review. If the new screens are a game changer I’ll get one to test


He stated the text clarity on the 8k was comparable to the Odyssey, which I used to own, I wonder if that’s because the Odyssey has pentile display and from what we have seemed to gather on these forums is that the 8K has similar panels to the pentiles. Just wondering??


Thanks for the info Peteo, I agree with DAVO here. I had the 1st gen Odyssey and couldn’t handle the sorry Pentile display, total reality killer for me,colors were GREAT though . Ill wait for reviews, also B & H photo charges sales tax so add on another $50. I almost preordered it but better wait to see if that new “anti-SDE AMOLED Display” is the tits or not.


I had the same impression. The pentile SDE was finer but somewhat more annoying like people report with the 8K. Colors and blacks were spot on though. Couldn’t be better


That guy on Reddit said he thought the text on the 8K was similar to the 1st gen Odyssey, Im wondering if the Odysseys pentile display and the, what we here on the forum perceive as some kind of pentile display on the 8K, is the reason for this. Im starting to think 5k+ will be better in terms of SDE, SDE kills immersion for me. I ws leaning towards 8K because of Sebs review stating 8k was better for video, I like videos and games. So Ill probably end getting all 3, 8K, 5k + and Odyssey + and reviewing them on my own. Damn :frowning:


Also attended the LA meetup today and will also have to agree. As an 8k backer having a hard time deciding which headset to pick and not wanting to “give up” on the “8k” label and trying to find any excuse to keep it, after trying on both headsets the clarity of the 5k+ in my opinion made it the superior choice. I was also trying to asses both headsets without all of the microscopic comparison shots we have been flooded with and quite honestly if you have never tried either headset you wont go wrong with either, they are both better than any other headset on the market. The FOV even on the medium setting is amazing and the warping on the edges is minimal. Personally i want the clarity and the 90hz panel. The SDE is slighlty more visible on the 5k+ but its not by much and i dont even mind the SDE on my CV1 anyways so this was a huge leap. I did get to try the oled 5k with the hand tracking and i would have to guesstimate that it fell somewhere between the oculus and oculus go but it was hard to tell because the hand tracking demo was on a pitch black background and there were minimal light effects to truly judge. Despite the hand tracking module really being a gimmick for now i was really impressed with how accurate it was and i will be using my $100 credit to get one instead. The range was decent and way better than the original leap motion module. Probably wont get any use out of it other than the few demos that are out there but i still want it just in case hand tracking support becomes slightly more supported. The 2 computers used were running 2080 ti gpus but were not told if they were overclocked and if so to what extent. No confirmation on what specs the laptop had that was used to demo the oled 5k. Between 10am and 1pm i would say there were a peak of about 15 people at once. Most of the people i talked to also stated they were 8k backers that were switching to the 5k+. There was one backer who stated to the pimax team that he still wanted to keep the 8k and the lady pimax staff member seemed a little surprised with his reaponse. From my interactions with the staff it seems like they obviously feel like the 5k+ is the better option and almost seem confused why someone would still keep the 8k. If i had to pick one thing i didnt like about the headsets it would have to be that you need to also run a power cord to the headset. Its not a deal breaker of course but with the amount of wires a lot of us already have to deal with, having to need a seperate power source is a minor annoyance and depending how accesible an outlet is to the back of your pc, you might need to use an extension cord or lose a little cable length from the headset in order fo you to reach an outlet from the pc. The pimax headsets are without a doubt the next first of the next gen headsets that are still 1 to 2 years away from being commercially available from companies like oculus and Vive. Thanks again pimax team for adding these last minute meetups!


How did you find the colours on the 5k+ ?


How would you describe your experience compared with swevivers review? The review largely resembles your experience?


Oh i completely forgot to mention that for the 4 or 5 of us that were still around 1pm we got to test skyrim on the 5k+ briefly. The outlet converters they were using to plug in their pc’s lost power a few times throughout the morning and by the time we ran skyrim we only had a few minutes before one of the older gentlemen got his hands on the game and kept playing for over 15 minutes before any of us got to try it out. In the 1 or 2 minutes i got to sit through the skyrim intro before the power went out i got a fairly good first impression of what an “actual” VR game would be like and it was incredibly impressive. It was so damn clear and even though the game is really old by now the FOV at medium was perfect and with so much more to “see” compared to the Lab demo, the edge distortion was more easily “ignored” The sweetspot is so large with this headset compared to everything else, it was almost overwhelming jumping into skyrim for the first time, it felt like a completely different experience and will demand a replay once i get my pimax just to get lost in the world and take in all the sights as they were intended.


You should also download some of the Skyrim mods, which can greatly improve the graphics and even add new gameplay elements.


I found them perfectly acceptable. Just a personal preference but i actually personally prefer a cooler color calibration on my monitors than warm so i was not concerned with cooler color temps people were reporting in the reviews, besides pimax should be able to address this later. I hope they make it a setting though because like i said i like a cooler color lol honestly i think that the reviewers and some people are just too picky, yes they are not perfect but if you dont adjust and get sucked in by the overal experience of being in VR and the game you are playing then you will never really be happy. Like i said before, i dont even mind the SDE on my rift after a few minutes. I just get lost in the experience and my mind just kind of overlooks all those minor imperfections. The things that really matter to make and make all the difference in the world are the FOV and clarity.


I would say that sweviver had the most thorough review and i for the most part agree with him. The only thing i wish the meetup tested were videos which we did not get to test. Seeing that i also plan on using the headset to watch vr videos i will gladly take the gamble on the 5k+ i have found a video app on the oculus store that has super sampling options which make videos look 2 to 3 times better even on the rift, so i am sure they will also look better on the 5k+


What app…? Can I use it for the vive too?


I found this bit really interesting. As I keep banging on about, the brain gets used to stuff, and that applies to both good and bad stuff. So we’ll get used to the brightness loss and blacks but will also sadly get used to the FOV quickly too.

However the real test comes when you go back to the first gen products. That’s when I imagine we’d all be throwing it off instantly and saying “never go back”. I imagine anyone gong back to gen1 would have the same reaction as MRTV’s friend where he just laughs out loudly at the Vive Pro at how ridiculous the FOV is. But noone would be saying “oh hang on this looks so much brighter I want to keep this please…”


That’s not the case! I’m not sure what you saw there? the power cord connects to a small adapter that is very close to the pc connectors.

Only 1 cable goes to the HMD, about the same thickness as the Rift cable


I think he kindof meant ‘to a breakout box’, and yeah I was hoping it would be like the rift, not like the vive pro in that regard, and just USB power it, really looking forward to virtual link and inside out tracking on pimax as it will take up 2x mains sockets at the moment.