Just got back from Pimax LOS ANGELES backer meetup


Thanks for your review and your opinion :+1:

@PimaxVR: 100% agreed: We don’t need a further SuperSampling-instance inbetween - SteamVR ist working fine already now with my 4K. I already plan to leave PiTool at 1.0 and try different SS-settings on SteamVR only. Especially as I can define game-specific SS-settings there without having to switch it every time I want to increase or reduce it.


Greetings from my vacation. :wink: Yes, internally they all know that the 5K Plus is superior to the 8k. With this knowledge, probably it would have been better not to sell the 8k at all, but I suppose they had to follow through after all the noise they made about ‘8k’.


Thanks MRTV, you were the only tester daring to say it out loud.


No they just never filled it out in the spreadsheet. Here it is again, as I cannot input it myself on my iOS device.

Backer first batch
Originally backed 8k early bird
Hmd only
Switched to 5k+
Located in United States
Original email asking for choice: September 18th 2018
No tracking numbers yet


Nobody is going to convince me the singular hmd itself cost anywhere near that much. Lmao even the magic leap one, featuring multiple depth plane lightfield displays, a full blown laptop computer built in, all other sorts of high end gadgets tucked into it is only 2,200$.
That’s really a shame.


How was the colors and brightness? I can’t tell if people are making mountains of molehills or what. I could say that Samsung 4k tv’s are superior to the equivalent Vizio 4k, but both are really nice.


I wouldn’t either but it is StarVR & the source is likely on the mark.


Have you ever seen so much splendor?


Which video app? I hear simple vr player is good, and svp even has a plugin for it I think.


I have always argued low fov as an issue to be fixed not a feature spec improvement for this reason. It’s because the human brain is already used to regular field of view, not constrained fov. Pimax fixes this horrible horrible vr bug, the worst. And I will also never accept ar as a platform either until they get their fov act in order.


What can I say, that’s a real shame.


Well like the Vive Pro there targetting commercial opposed to consumer.

Unfortunately & with the lower res custom rgb oleds has increased their base costs.

Though I think StarVR may need to rethink strategy as before they were the only Wide FoV headset & now they are not.


Yes thats exactly what i meant and only if i had to be nit picky and have one negative thing to say about the headset, for most of us this will not be an issue at all.


Honestly, i think people are overreacting. Sure if you do compare them to other headsets they will have some drawbacks when it comes to brightness and colors but i think people who are that concerned with those minor differences are never going to be happy. If you cant get immersed in whatever you decide to play with this and immediately adapt then i feel you have already become desensitized to the original thrill of VR or just want to create discussion points with other people. I can indertand people being put off by the warping on the edges but even then if you think about it, how often do we really look around in real life that far away from our immediate front position without turning our heads? Sure we do probably tend to naturally look with our eyes probably about a 100 fov amount of space before we turn our head as well, but the pimax sweetspot is almost that size. Besides in real life the areas where you the warping with this headset are completely out of focus 90% of the time and the people who complain about the warping might also complain about the fact that when you try to look that far in real life and pay close attention our noses tend to block some aspect of it almost 90% of the time, we just dont “notice” it anymore because we become so accustomed to it. Things are only a problem when we start to compare to something else one thing or another, the grass will always be greener on the other side in one way or another but overall i think that unless your job is to try and find flaws in it you will find it absolutely incredible to switch to this headset after anything else you might own.


Thanks Sebastian, agree 100% it was just nice to finally be able to see if for myself before having to make my decision but even then the whole “clarity” issue was already winning me over to the 5k+ before trying anything out. Keep up the great work!


Well I think the concern is (at least my concern) that you’ll notice the warping in your peripheral vision, contributing to VR sickness.


I think the USB on Pimax supports USB2 and 3, which may be one reason why (3 supporting higher power draw). Compared to Rift that requires USB3 and doesn’t use what is essentially a power injector.

So although we could ask why not use USB 3 standard…there is another difference (unlike Rift) the pimax has 2 further USB type-c interfaces which with peripherals attached will require more power draw so maybe the decision is to cover all bases and ensure sufficient power can be supplied to HMD and peripherals.


Well said.

To me it’s the single most important factor in VR by a mile. I genuinely can’t understand people who talk about other factors being even remotely close to FOV in terms of importance.

This is why I’m delighted with Pimax and hope HTC and Oculus and others take note.


While it is one of the most important ones, resolution would be comparably important in my view - and depending on the use case, it may be more important. If the Pimax added merely more FoV but at the cost of a lower resolution and more SDE, I would probably pass on it.

But fortunately for all the Rift & Vive owners, it does improve things across the board for a number of priority features, with relatively acceptable drawbacks (mainly brightness, colors, blacklevels, some distortion at the very outer rim). This makes me very excited for it because it will be the greatest improvement I can implement in my personal VR space within a term of likely 3-4 years since the release of the Rift & Vive in 2016. There are those who cannot be happy about it, so be it, I’ll let them deal with their own psychology, but I will be a enjoying the heck out of it once I get mine!


That’s exactly my concern as well. GearVR and even my 4K gave me some degree of sickness. My Odyssey, not so much. I hope Pimax tomorrow at the Backer meetup will allow me to try some games that have made me feel nauseous in the past and this distortion issue is pretty much at the top of my list.