Just got back from Pimax LOS ANGELES backer meetup



Many of us backers there wondered why they don’t just drop the current 8K and focus on mass producing and perfecting the 5k+ and then start work on the 8K X instead – Use their stretched resources more effectively. We also speculated that it might be intentional to have the 5K+ be better (cheaper panels/cost to produce especially without the upscaler chip) and with the $100 voucher they give, you would end up more likely to buy a $300 wireless module or other accessory.

I do wonder how the new samsung headset will look, now if only they upped the FOV! I wonder if sweviver or MRTV could get their hands on it ASAP!


Because some people will still prefer the lower SDE of 8K over the native resolution display on the 5K+. From the response survey so far, it’s still pretty close to 50/50 as far as headsets shipped. So there is still a market for the 8K.

I pledged for the 8K because I wanted nearly invisible SDE and best-in-class clarity and assumed that I would get both with the 8K. Unfortunately, due to the panel currently being shipped in the 8K, it looks as if I’m going to have to choose one or the other. As I have a relatively high back number, my hope is that by the time my pledge number is ready to be shipped that Pimax will have sourced a panel that will cement the 8K as the Pimax flagship model (not counting the 8K X). It’s pretty obvious that Pimax is continually in search of ways to improve their headsets and will make changes if they feel there is a benefit to doing so.

5K BE for Elite Dangerous?

I was in the majority of the backer meetup that the SDE looked the same on the 8K and the 5K+ most likely due to the panel/pixel layout being more natural with a few guys saying the 8K was slightly better, and a few guys saying the 5k+ was better to their eyes in terms of SDE. I doubt they will change panels on the 8K now, they’d have to release a different product to do that, it wouldn’t be fair to the backers who already decided on and received the 8K


Its called DeoVR player, im sure someone else may have one they think is better but this is the one for me right now. It has a sharpness setting that if you crank up to ~2.5 the video can look 2+ better in my opinion. I never realized how blurry the VR videos are originally until i played with this setting, even top of the line 6k 180 videos lol it also has an option to do “direct play or show” i think that seems to play the video natively from the source but seems to rely on your hardware to be able to handle. The 6k videos look way much better with direct show and sharpening at 2.5 Hell even older 4k 180 videos get a new “life” lol with this setting and i am using a DK1 If you have access to getting some of these 6k 180 videos and try the app you will be blown away by how good they look even on something like a CV1. I cant imagine how much better they can possibly look when i get my 5k+ lol


@Martinisangry DEO is the best player for low/medium performance rigs to play 5k/6k. But compared to simple player vr (or whirligig) it is absolutly inferior. You will see that right away, make sure to click the enhanced settings and apply 4x AA. Whirligig is cheap and if you look at @Heliosurge list of free vr stuff you will find simple player (my prefered player) there as well for free. (It costs money over steam though)


Thanks Noro, i will absolutely check both of those out! I knew someone else would have better options out there, my point was more so regarding the idea that in player settings can still make a huge difference when it comes to videos even on the CV1 which by pimax 5K+ standards is vastly inferior, so the assumption on my part was that i could only imagine how much better the content will be on the pimax. Thank you again though, now im excited to see how much further that image can be pushed on those apps.


It is gonna be MILES! I’ve tried them all from head to toe. Whirligig btw. is optimized for rift but the vast options may be confusing at first. Try Simple Player and as I said check the options. (Enhanced + AA 4x) AA x8 is too demanding and not (much) better than x4


DeoVR is the one I’m using because you can use SVP with it (+any filtering from ffdshow). Prior I was using whirligig with which you can also use SVP & ffdshow but DeoVR was much better optimized (GPU needs).

SVP is awesome for watching 3D content in VR if you are concerned by smoothness issues (my case when not using SVP for 3D content in VR).


Good news, if you didn’t notice. The 8k image quality is already much improved in the latest Pitools and clarity is getting close to the 5k+, Sweviver confirmed it also. I checked it in Gouda, it’s really Good.
I have allready choosen the 8k. The clarity is 100% good enough for me + enjoy the benefits of the high res. panels, better colors contrast and without dead pixels