Just got my 5k+ - Initial impressions



Well ordering from the site it only took 10 days to arrive to the UK so very happy with that. Setup was easy enough, although it doesn’t keep steamvr room setups between different headsets it seems (coming from a Vive).

The visuals and FOV are great but as soon as I put on the headset I noticed the eyestrain. After a quick googling it seems tinkering with the IPD is often needed, so I lowered the IPD offset a bit and put the headset IPD back up. Much less strain but something feels off. When I put on a Vive HMD I automatically feel like I’m in the VR world, but putting on the Pimax, it doesn’t feel quite right. Either the scale is slightly off, or the IPD still isn’t quite right, but I don’t ‘feel’ like I’m there as readily, like my brain or my eyes are trying to make it seem real but it can’t entirely. It’s more like playing a video game and viewing in 3d, than being ‘in’ the game.

Does this make any sense? Does anyone else have a similar feeling? Would love some input.

Also, it’d be great if the headset were able to turn off vive controllers and base stations when pitool closes, or similar, like steamvr can with the Vive. Is this something doable?


Your not the only one.
In addition to the mechanical IPD adjustment on the HMD there is also a software IPD adjustment in Pitool. I still cant get this POS dialed in just right. I dont know what going on but Ive fought with it since day one. The software IPD adjustment helped a little bit but there something just not right. Like my Vive and most all other headsets I always found the IPD sweet spot, But no so much with my Pimax 5K+ and 8K


whats your IPD? Im curious


I would say, at least for me it was a matter of time. Your brain has to get used to everything, it’s not as simple as the vive. I have a vive too and felt the same as you. I do recommend https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07R559TPP/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item. And use the 18 mm one to get less eye strain, it helps with more visual things as well :slight_smile:


Mine is 57 or 58, you may have been asking the OP?


Mine is around 66. I dialled the offset down -2 and re-adjusted the manual back up to 66 to reduce the strain, but things still feel off. I may try the thicker pad idea as it’d help with fitting glasses in without them touching the lenses.

I’m thinking there might be something slightly off with the scaling of the VR world separate to what the ipd offset changes? I know I’ve seen steamvr home mentioned as not being quite right compared to games, but as I was sitting low to the ground getting ready for a seated game of Trover on the sofa, the floor in VR seems to be closer than it is in the real world. I’ve corrected the floor position so that it is correct, and when you lean down to put put down the controller it is in the right place, but as you move your head away from it it seems nearer than it is. And I feel that the further something is from you, the bigger that difference, eg floor at the edge of a room is higher than floor nearer you.
Is this an ipd problem changing the parallax, or is this something off with the rendering of the parallax that wouldn’t be fixed tinkering with ipd?


o/ hey all just wanna share that i was playing around with the pitool settings n set it to brightness to low n contrast +2 n screen door effect was almost gone i am sure that wit software
the 5k+ can get screen door effect free if some one got 100% screen door free please share ur settings :grin:


Your not alone, exactly my first impressions.

First. Impression

My IPD is low 60 to 62 or that is my comfort zone.

Play around with lense distance for sure.

My first impression was with the KS original headset. My new 5k+ seems better with clarity and slightly smaller FOV and doesn’t require as large of a spacer (double foam).

Pimax still has slight eyestrain and headaches after longer sessions. Sometimes 10 minutes sometime not at all after an hour.

Good luck and hope you can get a enjoyable experience. It is amazing when done right.