Just got the Pimax 5K XR, and need confirmation


So I just got my pimax 5K XR headset today and there seems to be no visible label that confirms that the product I received is indeed the 5K XR. I am currently waiting for my lighthouses to arrive in order for me to start using my VR headset but I am concerned that I may have been sent the wrong product.


Hi Captain!

Congrats on receiving. No need to wait for LHes to test headset.

Install steam with Steamvr.

Install Pitool then connect headset & let firmware update if required.

Turn lighthouse tracking off. Run room setup in pitool click through til you can enter your height manually. Click to finish.

Goto Steam a free Demo short Game

WarRobotsVR - Seated & can be played with Gamepad.

There are a few seated experiences that do not need LHes

  • Vector 32
  • HellBlade
  • Distance
  • Climbtime
  • Project Cars
  • Skyrim


Pitool should tell you what HMD you received.


Ah yes, I got pitool installed and checked there. I do indeed have the XR model, though I do heavily suggest that pimax start labeling their headsets to save on confusion in the future.