Just my two cents for the decision between 5K+ and 8K


Hi guys,

first I’m sorry for not responding all the time here. As some of you perhaps know, I’m on a US trip to test some cool VR stuff and I’ve also been on the Oculus Connect 5. There will be some very exclusive videos if you want to see some diversion of the Pimax topic, only if you’re interested.

Ok, I will arrive at home next week and after creating the videos I will do some more testings for the decision of 5K+ or 8K and also when the 5K+ will be improved.

However I think I’m the only tester that will stick to the 8K, but why?

Yes, you can always try to do some comparison by using 16x zoomed-in pictures of the lense or stuff like this. I also made that and tried to compare. And yes you will see a difference there with the pixels and matrix and stuff,

Perhaps my eyes are very bad (although I think I have the best eyes from all of my friends ^^), but I cant really see a huge difference in quality of the image if you just using your eyes to try to compare both headsets, because your own eyes will be using the headsets, not a zooming-camera. Sounds stupid and unprofessional, but think about it.

So I honestly dont understand this huge trouble about the decision. You wont do anything wrong when you choose the 5K+ and you wont do anything wrong when you choose the 8K. Both are very good headsets.

However why I mostly suggested the 5K+ in my review video was because of performance reasons. You need about 20% to 30% more performance on the 8K, because you need a little better resolution to make the image quality look the same on the 8K than on the 5K+. So if you NOT buy the 2080 Ti, I would stick to the 5K+.

I will get two of the 2080 Ti, so I dont care about that, everything will run fine on my 8K, so I will stick to the 8K, because I still believe that in very high resolutions and for movies that 8K will be better. And believe me, watching movies on the 8K is f***** awesome :slight_smile:

So my conclusion:
If you got (or will buy) an extreme high-end-pc stick to the 8K, otherwise stick to the 5K+.

However I totally understand when the other testers are not with my opinion, I think its good that not everybody has the same opinion about that.

When the 5K+ will be improved as Robin said, then we will have to do another comparison, but until now thats not the case.




Thanks!! Awesome opinion.

That’s true. Our eyes aren’t macro lens. We need a REAL review, and not something to create war and speculation in a forum, based in nonsense images.

This is not a camera forum. This is for HMD.


Checkout the Tom’s Hardware review it uses fcat


I suspect that one 2080TI can make 8k to have image quality look the same on the 8K than on the 5k+?

Not sure about fps too, will wait for more test result.


Yes I think so, I will test this when my 2080 Ti arrives.


Wow, its almost like you can appreciate the two headsets have different pros and cons for different people and that your opinion is just that and not a rallying cry to your banner or a thinly veiled attempt to get more clicks. Thumbs up.


@yanfeng has been doing some tests between the 1080 & 2080 ti on the 5k+.

The 2080 however is not faring well on the 5k+ see @Pumcy review using fcats.


@VoodooDE, I agree with you, our own eyes are the only ones that can give us the truth.

Keep in mind that the 5K+ can enhance colors, blacks and even have lenses with some better sharpness, but not much. But the 8K has much more room for improvement, with new lenses with less magnification and better adapted to the larger size of the screens. This could make the 8K surpass the 5K+ in sharpness. Also, Pimax allows 60hz and 72hz in the 8K, many performance problems will be solved (and I don’t think it’s a problem to work with these hz for the vast majority of people, so I’ve seen with the Pimax 4K and Oculus Go).

Apart from this, by my many tests with projectors, I can say 3 things with total security:

  1. If you don’t compare, anything will be good enough and if it isn’t, your eyes and brain will get used to it.

Only by comparing in situ and side by side, and with your own eyes, will you be able to perceive the differences and say what is better and what is worse for you. But it will remain a subjective opinion that will only be valid for you and not for others.

  1. There are eyes and brains more trained than others to understand what they are seeing, draw conclusions and propose improvements. The ideal is to do these comparative tests in situ and side by side with many brains and eyes and collect all these opinions.

At the Berlin event, in SweViver final interview video, practically everyone ended up choosing the Pimax 8K.

Anyway, I think the problem is different. If the Pimax 5K+ had not appeared, the Pimax 8K would be the best because they could not compare. But being able to compare, it has been discovered that the 8K should have been much sharper than the 5K+. And that’s a problem, because the 8K is theoretically a higher product than the 5K+, and should have had a sharpness over 50% higher.

Honestly, although Pimax was doubting it, I think they were honest and did well to show the Pimax 5K+. But I also think that, following the same honesty, I should have cancelled the Pimax 8K and announced the jump to an improved Pimax 8K+ or even 8KX.

This would have meant a delay of several months, but the backers who wanted a Pimax right now, could have received the 5K+ and the backers they wanted to wait would have had an improved version 8K+ or even 8KX.

I think investors have pushed Pimax to launch the 8K, and I also think it was a mistake.

I don’t know what would happen if in the spring of 2019 Pimax released a Pimax 8K+ with a 50% improved sharpness. Would the current 8K backers be angry?

I think it would be better if Pimax went directly to the development of the 8KX, with improved lenses (Pancake?), real 4K/UHD screens (not fake), and native 2x4K/UHD resolution without scaler.

It’s just my opinion.



Well Tom’s hardware says that even the 2080TI is not fast enough for the 5k+, let alone the 8k …


Only has tried the nVidia 2080, but yes.


We need more professionals reviewers like @VoodooDE and @yanfeng



I told you before dude :wink:

But thanks for your opinion. I’m sure you’re right.

However when you’re stuck in a cockpit and trying to read your dials and can’t see blurry numbers…


The more time you give it the better it will get, this is kinda given for IT and display technology.
BUT this is a kickstarter project, you cannot go on indefinitely for ever. When all goals are met you simply have to ship, it’s the last and most important milestone in a KS project, without shipping it’s a fail and every month later in shipping makes a project less innovative simply because other products will catch up…

In case PimaxVR wants to pamper their backers community they simply should offer fair upgrades and giveaways. Kinda what they do anyway when you compare it to other companies behavior…


Well, it is very common on this forum that people do not pay attention to what they reading/hearing, but with all your flaws, I thought that you is not in that category. My mistake :frowning: So, NO, Tom’s hardware do not tell that 2080Ti is not fast enough. What they are telling, is: “We haven’t tossed a 2080 Ti into our VR test bench yet, so we’re not sure if one could drive Pimax’s headset properly, but the 2080 fell short of the mark”


2080 not good enough and we’re not sure about 2080TI. Agreed, but that implies that maybe it’s just fast enough for the 5k+, but surely won’t be for the 8k


Yes, I understand what you’re saying and it’s very understandable.

That’s why I was referring to 5K+ as the product that replaces 5K and 8K. That’s really been the campaign to change from 8K to 5K+, and I think that’s reasonable.

The difference between 5K+ and 8K is very small, with some small pros and cons in each. There is no justification for having two products that are practically the same. This creates a lot of confusion between those who have to choose between one product and another. We are already seeing it in the forum.

Backers who want to receive it now can receive the 5K+.

Backers who want to wait could receive a much better 8K+ or 8KX.

The problem right now is to receive an 8K that can not be improved, and that within a few months (for example in spring 2019) Pimax launches an 8K+ or 8KX.

What will the backers do and say with their obsolete 8K?

Will Pimax offer backers an upgrade to 8K+ for 100 dollars or 8KX for 200 dollars? I find it difficult. I don’t think Pimax wants to receive thousands of obsolete 8Ks.

It would be great if Pimax would explain their upgrade plans, because now the backers that we have chosen 8K are very uncertain.



Message received :wink:( 20 characters )


Yes. I think that the correct way is communication. Pimax must said if we can have a 8K+ next year. And if we can upgrade to it


Fast enough for what? I mean, I already played some random new games and didnt even have problems with my 1080 Ti and the Pimax 8K (check out my channel and the last gameplay videos).
So yes for Project Cars, the 2080 Ti might not even be good enough but for MANY games, even the 1080 TI is enough for the 8K. It really depend on what you play.