Just my two cents for the decision between 5K+ and 8K


The key point is: if Pimax told us right now that in spring 2019 it will have a higher 8K+, and gave us the possibility to choose 8K now or wait for us at 8K+, would you wait?

That is, if you choose 8K now, and in spring you want 8K+, you will have to pay a full 8K+.
If you choose to wait until spring, you can have the 8K+ at no cost (or at a small cost).

The same would be possible for 8KX instead of 8K+.



@Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @xunshu
should say something about his plans and be something clearer.

He’s right @Neoskynet


Well he explicitly showed the benchmarked results for the games he tried: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/pimax-5k-m2-headset-vr,5818-2.html

Literally the ONLY game in the list that got to 90 herz sustained was Beat Saber


OMGGG well looks like I’m switching to the 8k for the 56th time now :joy::joy: wanna watch in an IMAX theater maaan


My dam miami dolphins are getting crushed by in division rivals Patriots so right now I’m pissed as all hell!!


No, I wouldn’t. The point is, perfect VR could appear in next several years, but I think it will be from a company with much bigger research budget than Pimax. My personal beat is on Google. But until then - 8k is good enough.


Just sayin…so today I dont give two rats ass s about pixels grrrrrr!


Sry …my vr friends…but im ur vr family…good and bad


I would wait, but I have 2 pledges, one for each.


Maybe it’s beacause of “We used an Intel Core i7-5930K 6-core processor with 16GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2666 RAM”

Someone in an other thread said that the CPU could be a bottleneck for Performance.

Anyway, I like to read “The Pimax 5K+ offers the best visuals we’ve seen in VR”.


Isn’t that quite fast setup? Probably faster than the majority of gamers have.
I’m having almost similar setup except the cpu is 6700k@4,9ghz and yeah just checking if the Ek-waterblock has already made a cooling system for the 2080ti :slight_smile:️ rip moneys :sob::sob::sob:


Thanks for the new post, I look forward to your impressions post 2080Ti. I’ve been leaning towards the 8K, all the various posts make it hard to choose for sure, but unless some deal-breaking bug or problem is discovered between now and my (cry) 2500 backer spot, I’ll be picking up the 8K.

I’m highly jealous of your rig… I know if I end up upgrading mine next year (to drive my 8K better), I’ll be doing the water cooled OC thing too. Right now I’m OC’d, but air-cooled, so you hit your limits pretty fast.


@VoodooDE one question, and is possible that you change my mind one time more xD

For me SDE is very important. Love the different SDE from Oculus Go and PSVR. It looks invisible to me.

But I hate the SDE in Vive or Odyssey.

What HMD has less SDE by far? 5K+ or 8K?

Thanks in advance.


Of course you have the right to make your choice, and your impression is what matters for that. The 8K doesn’t have higher image resolution, but it does have higher horizontal or vertical (not diagonal) gradient resolution, which for video material means it’s smoother. Essentially, that’s what the panel was made for; showing 4K video slightly better than 1080p. The dot distance difference between the two is minor (around 5%). For me, that doesn’t quite excuse that the scalers are only blurring it. The dots could have been directly addressed, and unless a mode is added that does so, the 5K+ will always be sharper. I’m also severely disappointed that the 8K’s panel has so few dots the comparison even could be close.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that softness isn’t purely negative. That’s why SD material frequently looks worse on a flat panel HD TV than it did on a CRT SD TV; it had the decay characteristics to make the interlacing and analog resolution work.


I think this has been answered 1000 times.
The 8k has less SDE than the 5k+.

The SDE of the 5k+ is close to the SDE of Oculus Go. @mixedrealityTV said 5k+ is a tiny bit better than Oculus Go, I think.


Maybe someone like @Heliosurge should make a pinned + locked topic of the facts and pros/cons about both headsets


At max FOV?
and max FPS?
And decent game quality?


Not really, the 8700K is 25% faster.

Even your 6700K is faster (albeit by only 3%):

New video: DCS World 2.5 on Pimax 8K and 5K+ with 1080Ti and PiTool *.76

This is why i have problems choosing 8k, and because of that i prefer to wait until a new version is released . In the meantime bases and controllers will be released. I want a answer from pimax. if this its possible, if 8k backers can have option to wait for a better version? And what upgrade options will exist to backers that dont want to wait?

@Pimax-Support can you give a answer for this ?


Oh yeah it seems so. I haven’t been following the hw scene that closely in the recent few years.

That makes me think if i need to sell the other kidney as well to buy a new cpu+mobo too.
I’d rather not.