Just my two cents for the decision between 5K+ and 8K


lol. Pimax might be the best justification for upgrading your rig we’ve seen in years. For the last couple years, the holy grail for performance was decent 4K framerate which is hard to get behind because almost no one sits close enough to a 4K panel to be able to differentiate it from a 1440p panel. Last time I upgraded my rig, I intentionally when with an 8700 non-K variant because the performance was good enough and I figured I’d have to run my AC a bit less (due to less watts used). With the 5/8K HMDs coming out, the prospect of OC-ing and squeezing out every bit of potential from a rig seems genuinely rewarding again (instead of delivering 180 fps to my 100Hz panel).


The delay of upgrading my rig is mainly because the gaming scene that hasn’t been evolving much. And as we all know, that’s because of the console scene (master race vs peasants)
Not that much of a PC exclusive, graphically high end games.

95% of the games I play runs at 60+fps (which is the absolute minimum) at 2k on my system.
Pimax is the new Crysis.


I don’t understand why the 8K should need a higher spec machine than a 5K+. I know what Pimax has said, but truly, the 8K should have a similar display to a 5K+, when run at the same settings. I think there must be a bug in the Pimax drivers, the scaler chip hasn’t been setup correctly, or the G/RB panel is “not really” a 4K panel and is smearing the RGB pixel value over several sub-pixels as an attempt to improve color fidelity.


Do keep in mind we need to compare to the 5k opposed to the 5k+ due to screen utilization.


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Is the scaling firmware/process upgradable on the 8k?

Feels like an 8k with a future firmware update will/could have better clarity than a 5k+, but the 5k+ isn’t going to get more pixels, so it’s kinda stuck… right?


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That unfortunately is a question we all like to know.


the 8k isn’t going to get more pixels then the 5k+ in another way too
both just get 2560x1440, both get the same super sampled image, the 8k could have a edge more in detail by better using the ss but the scaler will level this and will add some blur so even under best conditions, the sharpness will always be better on the 5k+
but its kind of mood if the 8k has a lower (sub-) pixel count (no full rgb), also the diagonal pattern of the pixel seems kind of incompatible with the scaler and looses some information when scaling

@LoneTech had one or two interesting ideas but they seemed to involve hardware mods and it was noct clear if that would even be possible with the panel and scaler


The 5k+ also uses more native input res in tg3e viewport bezel compared to 8k unless they can adjust the size to match up with the 5k+. Ig88 with your knowledge of these things does this sound doable?


It is believed that the distortion of the panel is due to the fact that the screen is not full RGB and the panel is approaching colors, using better profiles in pitool and improving either the firmware of the panel and the firmware of the scaler.

With all this it could be possible to find a way that the color approximations are not so bad or random, the engineers must study in depth how the panel works and how the scaler works, and see what type of mask they put in to improve the approximation of the screen.

On the other hand it may be that the scaler does not have any problem, the problem is the panel that approximates colors and you lose clarity, you should try to improve the firmware of the panel talking to the manufacturer.

But it is quite possible that the 8k will improve in clarity considerably, maybe the clarity of the 5k + will not come but it is possible that the difference is almost imperceptible except in specific moments like horizontal vertical lines that will always be clearer in 5k + and all the obliques will be much clearer in the 8k.

Of course all this is an assumption that the panel company, the scaler and the pimax engineers want to collaborate.


The 8K is already sharper than any other headset on the market… except the 5K+… which is miles ahead of any other headset on the consumer market. They’ve already done great work on closing that gap too, so while the 8K won’t ever equal or exceed the sharpness of the 5K+, as long as that gap is small enough (ie, you have a very good computer to run it at high settings), it’s not such a huge deal. The super zoomed in shots of numbers and letters don’t mean much… the zoomed out shots show how readable dials, text, and numbers are - far in excess of any other headsets for both pimax HMDs. Basically the 8K is for backers who both a) have a very powerful computer and GPU, and for whom b) SDE, blacks and contrast are more important than sharpness.


when the “true” resolution of the panel is really 3840x1080 the its just 1.125 times the number of 1440p and then there is not that much more detail even possible, then we add the pattern problem and the scaler (loss) and we end up with a similar picture of 5k but with blur from the scaler, thats what i took from all the information
the pimax dev’s already had some time to think about that, its not like they had this problem since yesterday


The p4k wasn’t always as good as it is now(not to say it’s fully fixed).


yea, i love my 4k, but i wish that the damn ghosting was fixed… feel like we have been waiting years now… sigh.


I can think of at least one upgrade: OLED panels.


Agreed should have had something by now even opening up more controls to over clock display, incorporate ATW, post processing etc.

Unity chan quite nice to show what the headset uses & doesn’t.