Just my two cents for the decision between 5K+ and 8K


There is a lot discussion about SDE, darker dots in the 5K+, a little more blueish picture in the 5K+ and a little more blurried picture in the 8K.

One topic is not discussed, or I haven’t seen it, the additional latency of the 8K. MRTV has noticed it in his videos and this is the most important point for me. I’m planning to play racing games and shooters, so what I don’t need at all is some additional latency (maybe by the upscaler?).

I’m a backer of the 8K and additional latency would be a clear no go for me. Any thoughts about this?


Yeah I don’t like the latency adding upscaler either and isn’t it the cause of the world moving phenomenon?


Yes, this is strange. Like only MRTV has this problem. Is possible it’s a problem only of his HMd? Like the 5K+ of the Spanish Team, what was broken with the distorsion.


It’s also possible that he’s more sensitive to certain visual artifacts than most others.

For example, my color discrimination is much better than average, I’m more sensitive to flicker and alias stairsteps too. Old CRTs running at only 60 Hz really annoyed me and my biggest complaint about Elite Dangerous is that the anti-aliasing is not effective at removing the jaggies.


What??? Those 72 and 60hz modes will be on the 8k only? Now i really don’t know what to choose.


I really doubt the refresh modes are unique to the 8K.


I hope so :neutral_face: i had finally made the descision to downgrade.