Just overclocked 9900K to 4.7ghz, FS2 score jumped from 76 to 88.9


My computer rig: 9900K, ZOTAC RTX 2080 Ti, 36G DDR4-3600, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite mainboard.
Pitool 1.0, SteamVR 60%, 2984X2549
Pimax 5K+
Previous setup and test result with Aerofly FS 2 and X-plane: It's here: 2080 Ti VS 1080 on Pimax 5K+! (updated with X-plane 11 fps, and new update with 9900K!)

Last time I ran Aerofly FS 2 with stock clock of 9900K, and the FPS is 76. The graphics is all maxed out except for shadow which is set to medium. The location is Barcelona Airport of Orbx Netherland TrueEarth, the most heavy load DLC of FS 2.

Today I overclocked all cores of 9900K to 4.7ghz with all other settings the same as above, and the FPS is 88.9.
Also I ran X-plane. The location is London City Airport of Orbx TrueEarth UK South, the most heavy load DLC of X-plane. Middle high graphics setting. The FPS is 29.5.

Conclusion: Aerofly FS 2 is the most well optimized flight simulator today. With 9900K and 2080Ti, It can run at 90 FPS with the highest graphics setting in the most complicated scenery on Pimax 5K+. It’s obviously making good use of all the cores of the CPU.

X-plane is another story, yet at 30 fps it’s still playable. It’s mostly just using single core. Maybe I can make some arrangement of the core priority or turn off some cores so that it can run better?


Would you mind running the same tests but with HT disabled?


Any potential of advantage of disabling HT disabled?


Games sometimes experience boosts in performance with virtual cores disabled.


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your results :slight_smile:

i would also be interested in the results without ht, because i only want to buy a 9600k.


Yeah, 2D gaming is known to be faster without HT. But I can’t find anything detailing the pros / cons of HT in VR.


I just turned off HT, and the result is almost the same as HT on. @kw23 @kellerbach


Are you able to test any other games for us? Obviously you’re into flight sims, but just to test both your CPU and GPU a bit more?

War Thunder
Lone Echo

Pretty please, you lucky bastard with that hardware :slight_smile:


I only have Subnautica. Does it have built-in FPS counter?


Ahh you should get fpsVR



Warthunder is free on steam.

Fpsvr is under $5 or $10 very useful.


I have to wonder why you’re only going to 4.7; the 9900K should be able to hit 5.0 Ghz easily and even upwards to 5.3 with good cooling … ? Also, what was the original clock that was giving you 76 fps?


Yeah I was wondering if he got a crappy silicon lottery result. They should be able to hit 5Ghz for sure.


Thank you so much. I have heard about it and now I will install it.


No problem AND it’s on Steam sale right now too! :grinning:


Intel just released some binned i9 9700k & some are clocked as high as 5.1ghz


Yes I have achieved 5.0ghz, but the gain in FPS is surprisingly small. Just 1 or 2 frames more than 4.7ghz. So I switched back to 4.7ghz and kept the core voltage as low as possible, which is 1.27v for now. I am very much a newbie in overclocking and I will explore more. Any advice will be welcome.


If you’re happy with your current system performance, my advice is to stick with lower, stable voltages. There’s no point in paying more for power & cooling (to include air conditioning) for unnoticeable increase in performance.


I am not much into millitary flight sim cause I am too bad at dogfighting. :grinning: Maybe I should give it another try when I have got enough courage.


But 5Ghz is the magic number?? :laughing: