Just overclocked 9900K to 4.7ghz, FS2 score jumped from 76 to 88.9


I hear you but freebies are always good.

War Robots VR works not bad a free demo if I presume an upcoming game.

There are a bunch if of free progs & games in tge free content


Yes that’s exactly my thinking. I won’t do overclocking unless it gives me meaningful increase in FPS.


I assume you’re on about normal FOV with these results right?


Something slightly off topic. In testing stability of my overclocking I accidently opened theBlu which I have not played for years. I have never taken theBlue very seriously, but it really gave me a nice surprise on 5K+. It looks so much better than on other headsets. The water looks now…just more like water. It’s definitely more transparent. It’s now really a very nice experience. And I suddenly understand why Pimax uses it as demo every time.:grinning: I strongly recommend those got the new Pimax headset give it a try.


Yes. I now only use normal FOV.


I’ve played theBlu on the HTC Vive and to this day, the graphics and experience this gives people is excellent. The water surface was a little pixelated (anything at distance was pixelated with the Vive), so I can only imagine what you’re seeing in better FOV and more pixels! I will definitely be “diving” in when I get my 5K+ in 3-5 years, erm I meant months :smiling_imp::innocent:


How can you tell if the cpu is “binned” or not? By the serial number? I’ve ordered the i7-9700k and MSI MEG Ace z390 lets see if I win in the lottery.
The i7 9700k should go even 5.3ghz or more,we’ll see.


Here is the TH article.


Okay thanks, judging by the price I’m getting the 4.9ghz model (CM8068403874212) though I’m watercooled, so maybe I’ll get it running at magical numbers.


Thats freakin’ awesome news, cant wait to get my pre-ordered 9900K :slight_smile: Big thanks for this man!


Theres something about overclocking the 9th gen:


I suggested it would be a saviour for Pimax but it was suggested to me I should wait for Zen2 which might be out in 6 months and might piss all over the 9900K so that’s what I’m going to do.


You’re going to piss on your cpu? that’s now how liquid cooling works! :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here.

Haven’t had an AMD component in my systems for way more than a decade but current Ryzen performance is already extremely close to Intel and the node shrink to 7nm should push IPC most likely beyond any Intel offering.

My current i7 6700K is chugging along at 4.8Ghz but those 4c/8t are starting to show their age.


How do you achieve 36G ram?


Overclocking is an art, more or less. I still hold several positions in 3Dmark Hall of Fame, which is not bad. But I can’t achieve those results in numerically superior settings for CPU and GPU on which I can run those tests. For example, when I max everything I can not hit even 9000 marks in Fire Strike Ultra. But if I lower things a little, I’m always getting my 9200+ So, you need to find settings that works best for you system, not just chasing Ghz.


Any news about a delivery date ? I ordered a 9900k and a 2080ti MSI trio gaming 24 days ago but my retailer couldn’t give me any delivery date so far. (I’m in Paris)

I guess the shortage is worlwide.


Atm my order regarding the 2080ti shows 15.11. And for the cpu 20.11.


That’s good news regarding Aerofly FS2. I haven’t tried it lately as I’m waiting on their R22. Hopefully x-plane performance will get a nice boost when they implement Vulcan next year.


I’m waiting until when the Pimax pre-order is processed sometime early next year. Then I will revisit looking at the 9900K and 2080ti prices around March time I’m guessing. No need for me to panic buy, especailly with these 2080’s having to be RMA’d as a fair few of these cards are dying. Plus maybe stock is in after everyone has rushed to pre-order them, hopefully bringing prices down due to supply and demand levelling off.