Just overclocked 9900K to 4.7ghz, FS2 score jumped from 76 to 88.9


Thomas Tech demoed with and without the DXR checked and the puddles of water in question had more definition and could be seen with more definition through your scope. But again is it worth shelling our $1400, not for me or most peeps. Whos gonna be shooting a puddles of water??? However I will be getting the 2080 ti for my Pimax 8K and 5K+ as soon as Nvidia gets their shit in gear to fix the GPUs and prices come down


The problem with the rtx’s real time ray tracing is it cuts fps more or less in half. It’s not as much of something new either as Amd has Radeon Rays.

Just not worth it atm for the extra bling & definitely not good for vr at present.


Oh yea, FPS drop significantly, thats true as well.

Will the 2080 Ti’s not help with VR? I’ve seen where the new Pimax’s are getting better FPS with the 2080 Ti over 1080 Ti. Is that a myth??


The 2080 is roughly comparable to the 1080Ti. The 2080Ti is ~20-30% faster, so it is not a myth. The problem is more a matter of pricing. Since nVidia has little competition, video cards prices are higher than they really should be. The 2080Ti is not economical, but is the best “consumer” video card available.


It will but before drilling for oil; I would wait & see what Amd rolls out next year. From what I have heard & read Nvidia is likely going to be in trouble.


Whats on the horizon? Im thinking of building a new tank of a PC next year, 8700 or 9900 with 2080Ti. You think I should wait?

EDIT: Sorry I dont mean to hijack a thread here. If you want you can PM me. I would be interested in what lies ahead. Just when you get time. Thanks!


Ok I’ll test tonight. Btw got good fps in bf5 with the 2080ti, around 110-120 in single player at least. All settings maxed @ 2k. And the game looks quite nice.


There’s a new kid on the block who is supposedly better optimized for VR: FlyInside

I’m curious as to your opinion?


I’m actually leaping from 1070 to 1080 ti. I’m never going to agree with £1300 for RTX 2080 ti!


I would have bought a 2080Ti, when my wife’s video card died a few weeks ago (price be damned) but none were available, so I got a 2080 non-Ti instead. I’m actually pretty happy with it (it’s great for a 4K flat screen, but I worry that it’s not really powerful enough to provide the best VR experience.


This is a tough one. Some games really are faster with it disabled but more games gain with it enabled. I have it enabled for that reason. And yee OC those CPUs! I got a real nice 8700K (was a pretested) running at 5.2Ghz on all cores. :smile:


Yeah with RTX on 45fps, RTX off 120fps, same scene, same settings QHD @ ultra
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eats GPU’s for lunch… :confused:


@Mr_Anderson I am sorry I have been in the journey and have missed your reply. Thank you so much for the detailed instruction. Now that I am back, I will experiment more with my system.


Does anyone know from what ghz he went from…? What’s the normal ghz of the 9900k?


All core turbo speed for a 9900K is 4.7 GHz (so I guess he just disabled per core turbo speeds and locked it at 4.7?)



Lol what? So what “overclocking” is the mans talking bout

And does what you mentioned help with increasing FPS? If so then why isn’t it off by default?


Cores are allowed to slow down when the processor is idle to save power and generate less heat. Locking them at 4.7 GHz will increase fps, but at the cost of more electricity and potentially thermal throttling. Most OC record attempts disable Turbo Boast and have the CPUs run at a fixed frequency because they want higher scores and don’t care about costs.


AFAIK you’ll also have to set the cpu power management minimum setting to 100% in windows power settings. 5% - 100% is the default setting.