KAT loco Kickstarter coming in June (Works on the Pimax)



Interesting. Looks like some sort of locomotion system. But it also mentions body tracking. Plus it works on the Pimax 8k. I might pick these up.


Looks similar to WalkOVR:

On second look though, it looks like a simpler (and cheaper) solution.


It does look like a lot like WalkOVR but KAT Loco is showing there attachments to be wireless while the body attachments of WalkOVR is wired. WalkOVR says that being totally wireless brought too much latency. If KAT Loco proves them wrong in that aspect, they could be the better product. Though WalkOVR is now supported by and directly links to SteamVR which is a big plus for WalkOVR. I hope KAT Loco provides some trusted reviewers their product. Particularity reviewers who also received the WalkOVR system to do some comparisons.

Do we have any estimated costs for the KAT Loco?


I backed WalkOVR after seeing some of the reviews.

The only thing that I’m afraid would make me not use it much is the wiring part.

Kat Loco seems much simpler and easier (no wires or “controller”) to use but without actual reviews who knows how well it will work?


Well original poster of this thread said $79 but has edited their post. No idea if they were just making that up or not.
Also the title of this thread is that its a kickstarter, but i dont actually see anything about that on the website.
So either the OP has some currently unavailable info or is making multiple things up


Here’s a post on Reddit where the price is also mentioned:
19 votes and 14 comments so far on Reddit


Between this and cybershoes, which one to pick? Both are still unavailable.


All three. WalkOVR is also an option… :wink:


Ahh thanks mate. Don’t really frequent any VR subreddits lately. I take back my doubts at the OP, but then why did he change his post?
I assume this price has to be for only 1 ‘tracker’, wonder how much discount they have on multiple. I hope they do otherwise getting a couple will add up to a lot (for me as an australian with our crap dollar and high postage cost)


Not sure but it’s kinda hard finding the info on their site. Maybe he wasn’t sure either?

I really hope it’s for a set… :wink:


Yeah thats fair enough. If hes not sure i guess he doesn’t want to possibly mislead with bad info (this forum has enough of that from pimax, lol).

Oh man if its for a set i’ll be backing in the first second it opens up for orders.


Until you goto the store & forget the ankle bracelets. :policeman: :beers::joy::+1:


“I’m serious officer… It’s just for gaming!” :wink:


Received this update today from WalkOVR (gameplay videos):

EDIT: Just noticed they’re all related to Oculus Quest using SteamVR via ALVR.


this just a clever use of trackers to predict body position. You could do that with any set of 3 trackers (there is even a kinect version that emulate virtual trackers, so no trackers at all and it can track feet and hands)).
but anyway, anyting what makes you move while you are gaming is nice to take.
79$ is a bargain when you see the price of others trackers (the HTC one is over 120$ just for one piece).


Interesting set of videos, and overall these extra trackers seem like a nice addition to a full setup.
But they are missing a very important game. Wheres the video of WSS support, for ‘pelvic thrusting’ :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s hardly comparing apples to apples, though. The HTC pucks, overpriced as they are, are actual 6DOF drift-free absolute space trackers, unlike WalkOVR which is basically the same as the old “Stompz” concept, that tried a kickstarter ages ago, only with a third IMU added to the user’s hip, for an additional disambiguating and integrating datapoint.


The Kat Loco ones are 6dof.


What is the support like? If these require devs to add them ON TOP of the HTC trackers then count on this product to be dead on arrival. Vive trackers have been on the market for quite a while and still barely anything takes advantage of them. If devs are supposed to then add even more support for an even less known product…well, don’t count on it. Doesn’t matter how easy they make it for a developer to support it, if they still have to do extra steps to enable it then no developer is gonna care. I’m not about to spend money and then also go around to each game I want to play and beg the developer for support. Ive already done that with the Vive trackers and let me tell you it doesn’t work, no dev is gonna dedicate time implementing something that 1 or 2 people beg them to.

If these are plug and play thats a different story. If I can say use these with Natural Locomotions foot tracking without having to wait for developer support then great!


U-huh… Where does it say this?

(I am rather sensitive to marketing-speak, and its inevitable fluff-to-what-is-carefully-being-stopped-short-of-saying ratio. I am not convinced what you see of people lifting their knees in dazzle videos being what maybe you think it is. You can do quite extensive performance capture with IMUs, as demonstrated e.g by the earlier, also kickstarted, Perception Neuron, which looks like much the same thing as this, only higher grade (and without half-deceptive presentation), but in the end, even with the most careful calibration and software compensation through things like pan-device sensor fusion and IK sanity checks, cumulative drift will get you in not too long, and you’ll need to strike a reset pose. Much easier to just track cyclical acceleration patterns for mapping to emulated game input.)