KAT loco Kickstarter coming in June (Works on the Pimax)



Not really. Looks like you can put them behind you if you want. I don’t think it’ll really be much of an issue.


time to update this! MOCAP is now apart of the loco! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/katvrsolutions/kat-loco-complete-wearable-locomotion-system-walk-into-vr/posts/2533482
now isn’t that just a huge game changer!

“KAT loco’s sensors are modular what makes the system expandable and applicable to content requiring mocap such as VR Chat.”


Still curious on this vague update. As it could already do basic Mocap with tracking steps. The same with now mentioning adding extra sensors with no demonstration.

Hopefully they answer in the comments. With BT 4.1 shouldn’t be a problem a problem to add extra sensors but how many?


Fair enough, i suppose only time will tell. But it seems to be able to do it well enough for the means of vr chat and that for me is more then enough. I just hope that pimax can ship out their controllers and base stations as a first time vr purchase i dont have any vive wands, would be awesome for it to be done by august!


Truth the Kat system for most will be sufficent. For Arcades either a Treadmill or Kat Loco a good choice with less sensors & no wires.

As said both have good uses & different target per use audiences. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


My friend and I just backed it! both pimax 5k plus users. will be telling you all about the experience when we get to use them! August should be a good month! considering the possibility for pimax swords to be around the same time !


No one answered me…is this supposed to be plug and play? Or are developers expected to add custom support for these trackers on top of the HTC trackers already available?


they are connected through Bluetooth 4.2 so plug in pair up and play pretty much. there might be some software to install. for extra implementation over the HTC tracker’s i don’t think there is any information on that currently.


How would a game read these movements and translate them? I dont foresee many developers adding support considering its hard enough getting them to support the vive trackers…


I’d imagine it’d work similar to how the Kinect full body tracking works. It’ll simply trick the software into thinking they’re Vive pucks.


they have an sdk that allows developers to implement it. i think they can do it in a few hours "Our SDK is simple and easy to use by just any developer. With Unity and Unreal engine plugins, full video tutorials and support from our in-house dev team, the whole process of integration can be completed in a matter of hours. " as for reading the movement i dont exactly know how.


So it relies on the developers to implement support? Im gonna go ahead and pass then. I did the whole reach out to developers for vive tracker support and it didnt work. Most arent even gonna know this exists. Same with the omni directional treadmill…dead on arrival. Tech is useless if no game supports it.


this might peak your intrest then. "KAT loco allows you to play just any virtual reality games with support for Free Locomotion available on many different platforms, including Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and VIVEPORT. " basically any game that has free locomotion will be usable with the kat loco.


Thats great news thanks for the update. The easier it is to get in and play the more popular it will become. At least in my opinion.


most of device usually go the easy way, emulating WASD keys


Games without direct support would use control remapping.

Both Kat & Walkovr have emulatation mapping.


But in this case added sensors are wired like WalkOVR to the central node , as the devs said in the commetaries on the kickstarter page.


“If there is a need for more precise and complex body tracking, KAT loco could be expanded to 4 or even up to 16 modules operating in small wired systems created for each of your limbs.”


Yep to 1 node & wireless from there. WalkOvr is more Mocap than Kat Loco is.

Kat only added imho tge idea of extra nodes & I doubt it will be able to have as many as WalkOVR due to wireless & base setup 3 sensors vs 5 on Walk system. But time will tell.


Hmm :thinking: as PiMax is making Basestations and Controllers and a HMD - I know it’s light and shadows - but making a PiMax 6DOF Tracker’s like the HTC one should not be hard- open source the usage and we could build locomotion ( game devs) on that base …