Kat Walk Mini and Pimax 8K


This and Skyrim VR with no fast travel. You could really get in shape.


Kat Walk Mini official page.

More in UploadVR.


Yes, even riding a horse.


So… do you know when the KickStarter for this will start?

I’m definitely liking the look of this.


Not yet. I guess they’ll say it on their blog.


There is no KickStarter: you can buy it now, but… look at the prices!

After May 19, $2000!

KAT Walk Mini - VR Treadmill

This is really disappointing, wasn’t the original KatWalk under $600 on Kickstarter?


And what about Virtuix Omni? http://www.virtuix.com/cart/
The price tag is more humane, but the possibilities are still the same.
Can someone already tried it once and will share now their impressions?


Kat Walk Mini Prices in Road to VR.


Relatively expensive.


The price ballooned to match the hype.


Well… I know what I’m NOT getting… That is too much.


The dish on the mini and the standard Katwalk for that matter are both too small for a comfortable gate. I have a virtuix and it’s acceptable but even it should be a bit larger.


With the Kat Mini you can crouch… which is important in some shooter type games. I don’t think you can crouch in the Virtuix Omni.

I’m really disappointed that the pricing for the Kat Mini came in so high… oh well. I guess I’ll just wait further down the road.


Yes, indeed, I just noticed that Virtuix Omni does not have the ability to squat, bend down. And this is in fact necessary in some games.
Thanks for the tip-off, I exclude Virtuix Omni from my wish list.


I’m not trying to push the Virtuix it deffinatly has many issues but fyi once you get comfortable walking on it you can stop using the diaper and then you are able to crouch/jump. You could never take the harness off on the Katwalk and unless you have a really short gait the Katwalk will be very awkward.


Very good to know… thank you!!!


So all the same there is an opportunity … But it’s all imperfect. What would crouch and jump should stop walking? Or is it possible to walk even without a diaper?


I find the price too high, especially when their bigger model was going for much less.
I would have bought for sure 1 if the price was affordable / same as the kickstarter campaign they had years ago.
It sucks to see such price.
Also, there is a lack in the treadmill technology to move sideways to avoid shots…but imagine at this point the price of a treadmill that would allow that too…
Also, how about the vice trackers for the feel and legs? Does this treadmill allows it?


Yes, they are not Vive trackers, but equivalents; here, myself showing the sensors (blue LEDs) two on my shoes…

… and one on my back.

I guess it will be something very similar what they use for the mini.