Kat Walk Mini and Pimax 8K


It is too expensive for me atm :frowning:
To that price there needs to be add the shipping to USA and maybe taxes?
Then how big is this device?
Can it be mount and unmount easealy ? Or after mounted it it remains opened all the time occupying room space?


I’m sure they’ll put it on they website.


Video using Kat Walk Mini and PlayStation VR in Skyrim VR:


What is your impression?

I am still so puzzled about what is the point of having some sort of half way solution to locomotion that completely go against the sort of vr experience you can get using for example those body suits like the hardlight vr vest…

You can walk with a katwalk but you can’t try to avoid bullets, swords , etc. and you completely miss the fun of being free to move anywhere you want with your torso in vr fights.

Was I able to be clear about what I mean?


It’s another option, since we can not connect to the Matrix at the moment. It allows movement through a large space in a more or less realistic way, avoiding dizziness.


I agree, you will have to decide what is more important to you - the cat walk is better suited for exploration type of experiences, it actually would also make sense for rehab work after leg injuries etc… If you need to jump and dodge, it will not make much sense to you.

We will have to live with this sort of prioritization in the world of VR for at least some decades before it really may at some point all come together. And your guess is as good as mine, how that will eventually come together: a perfect physical simulator or simply a neurological interface simulating all the sensory input to your brain (which will be much more complex than we even think today - you’d need to overwrite the actual sensory input from the body (sitting, muscles relaxed, etc.) and you cannot just allow the brain to send the signal to the muscles that you are fighting because then you will probably destroy your real environment and hurt yourself, etc.). I will not live to see that day, pretty sure about that.


i do have an idea that could work and solve locomotion problem .
Problem is, i don’t know where to speak about it …

Any idea, if someone has previous experience pls


Too bad that 1 technology development in vr screws anothers when they actually should be able to both work together to maximize and naturalize as much as possible the vr experience.
I mean we are trying to get wireless and get free in the movements of hands, head , harms and legs, but then we need to be wired and/or hold by a fixed structure to be able to replicate long distance walls in vr…

Practically 1 technological achievement in vr is completely going against the other technological achievement in vr.

As for now, the walk in place solution , in my opinion , is the only balanced solution. You would be able to kind of reusable the long walk distance effect without losing the possibility to use the fool capability of room scale that allows you to freely move in your play area to avoid bullets , swords, lay down on the floor etc.
I mean what type of vr is it by not be able to have free movements in your play area ?


I already preorder, deposit 300 usd before 28th April and other when shipping in September.


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Locomotion comparisons & ideas

Marco, this theme is for the Kat Walk Mini, now it mixes with the WalkOVR, you should make another thread for that. Can you separate it, @Heliosurge or @sjefdeklerk?


@Heliosurge or @sjefdeklerk It is a comparison post. Can’t that be done since we are on a discussion forum?

Why does it bother you that a comparison is made here in the kat walk post?

Isn’t this a discussion forum and a discussion thread, or is this specific post a marketing post for kat walk?

Is vr a war among makers, brands , developers etc , or is it a technology in continuos developing that offers different solutions and different options to videoganers and technology passionate ppl?


What comparison? This is a thread to talk about the katwak mini and you have put another theme, instead of creating a separate thread.

When people see updates to this thread, they expect it to be about the subject of the thread, obviously.


If seperate the topic, may be “Treadmill talk”, so will have only one topic to discuss.


Walkovr is not even a threadmill. In any case, a common “walk locomotion systems” or similar, with a link to a every system. A separate link for each one.


No. You have just described your marketing post.

I have replied with thoughts about it and alternatives based on what I prefer in vr as form of locomotion idea. This is a forum with replies and feedbacks and ideas, not a marketing tool.

Accept that in this post of yours or in any other posts there are vr passionate that have different tastes and share different ideas from different brands and developers, no matter who they are


Hey nothing wrong with comparisons. But another thread for that is a good idea to compare a wide variety of locomotion ideas. Truth its been awhile but it would be interesting to see how the Mythbuster fellow treadmill shoes are coming along.

Same with each locomotion concept could have its own dedicated thread.

I just need sometime to get this down. If I could ask all to make this easier if folks could edit their post & put a line at the top as @bubbleball suggested “Treadmill Talk”

Splitting the topic will still reference this one.


Good point mark posts with “Locomotion Talk”


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