Kat Walk Mini and Pimax 8K


This product looks intriguing but I think it’s made for kids. I watched youtube videos of it and it should be renamed the “shuffle walker” :smile:

Check out hilarious it looks when a full grown man tries to use it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdyyGv4_fOU


Yes, I know it well, since as you can see in other images of the thread, I was testing it.

Maybe the mini is better, but it 's very, very expensive.

I just watched another video of the mini version.

And another from de normal version:


So where are now the replies I made about the walkovr ?

You removed my posts about the walkovr but you kept this post, to compare with the walkovr?

What a bullshit

What is this thread below (that u made) comparing , when the katwalk and the omni, are not there anymore in the post?


You found it. Just was about to post linllk. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


New video of Kat Walk Mini: a demonstration of the supported 6DOF.


Oh god it looks so bad lmfao


And I thought the @SweViver dancing video was bad. LOL


LOL you haven’t seen me dancing yet :wink:


By the way. I was at the fence pre-ordering the KAT Walk Mini, contacted the reps but it turns out the shipping cost is 250 dollars, import tax is 0 but the VAT still needs to be paid (25% in Sweden) as the product is sent from China by sea.
Way too much for me in total…


Way too much for almost everyone. It’s too expensive.


I have to share with my friend to preorder. Total is around 2,500 usd (use other shipping in china).


The price has not stopped me. It’s mine.
Now thinking to ROTO VR soon or later:
Pimax 8K is DP, HTC VIVE PRO is DP…


I was going to get a kat vr too but £300 shipping to port only. Then all the import charges, vat etc… it was getting pretty expensive for something which has no user reviews, is bulky & will probably be a pain to get out & put away & may turn out to be a bit of a gimmick which isn’t much good for very long play sessions.
I would have considered waiting for buyer reviews, but in my opinion the price was already the max price I would have payed, & I really don’t like the way they are raising the price each week, so I’m out, regardless


Is there anyone here in contact with kat walk 's people?

Talking about dancing, You might want to ask kat walk’s people to let us know when they would be able to do with kat-walk the step dances I am doing here in highfidelityvr using vive trackers attached to my body:

Ps: moderators, erase this post of mine too, it goes off topic too…


While It doesn’t end up generating almost twenty posts of people talking about another device, and bothers those who want to know about the Kat Walk Mini, is ok. If it happens again, I will ask moderators to put it aside one more time.

For this kinds of things, I do a new thread of a device and, as much, a single link to my thread in threads of other people.

The Kat Walk is very expensive to be still limited, but it can be useful. If you’re just going to move sideways, like in your video, better this device, which prevents you from crashing into the walls.


Without Kat walk mini there is no party.


Think of it as buying insurance for your telly ,i know mine has had some kind of luck todate and i dont own GORN


VR is about moving forward , backward, sideways etc.
This is what is all about and what wireless headsets and devices are also directing vr toward.

Treadmillers as locomotion , put a chain and a limitation on the above, so it is not a solution to the whole problem, just an option to do certain things that creates limitations in others .

The sidewalk movements are not just related to the sidewalk dancing . There are sidewalk moventes in many games that unfortunately katwalk or any other treadmill, do not allow.

I posted my dancing video as an example of how that katwalk dancing video is laughable when thinking at all the other movements that can not be achieved in dancing or playing using kat walk , that are also common in games


The solution are robot arms changing your support surfaces and microrobots (Michio Kaku idea)

or a connection to the “Matrix”.

It will take a long time to see that.


Motion rigs are also important to vr. A car simulator for example.

Kat walk though big & has its own issues on one side a person whom has a big enough space but too small for decent room scale. Then the kat walk presents a viable option.

It all comes down to application. The Kat walk may not be the full monty but all things lead to something new.

Dancing is fine in an open flat space. But the vive trackers don’t provide “terrain” details or pitch. So no holodeck yet using either solution.