Kat Walk Mini and Pimax 8K


All of these treadmills would be fine if they werent so unsafe they had to restrict movement stop the user hurting themselves. There is no point adding realisic motion translation with one hand and restricting freedom of movement with the other. It would probably be better to invest in making the tech lightweight and durable so it doesnt risk twisting an ankle without a harness


none of this is going to matter if the prices stay the same ,only the dirty rich are going to be cleaning the dust of these things when they can find the time to use them


Or one of these on the floor

with a couple of mates poking at it


Does anyone know the VAT to pay in USA for the katwalk mini?

Also, does anyone know why katwalk can not be used yet with non vr games played using vorpx? What does not make that possible?


Anyone with an idea if a kat walk mini would or would not work with games played using vorpx ?

What would u imaging would be the obstacles (if any) to do so?


@Cdaked might know if katwalk can be used with vorpx.


This is from the guys of kat walk team .

I inquired about the shipment status on my order and they sent me a few pictures :slight_smile:


I did not receive the katwalk yet.

This is from the katwalk team in their offices


Do you know how many Kat Vr was the first batch ?


What they said about your order ?


My order will be shipped the 20th of August.
Because it will be sent by boat, I think it will take 1 month before I will actually be able to get my hands on the katwalk.

Hopefully by that time Trump would not have raised the import tax for that type of imported material from China and screw me over with that


Not sure how many were sent out with the 1st batch

What I see is that that box is huge and my wife is going to freak out!


I can relate to that!!!

I’m excited for you. Can’t wait for your review!


Thank you!

Were you able to get one too?

I am so excited to get all that is on it’s way from here to hopefully December. It will be a holiday time with a lot of things to play with…like a little kid excited to opening presents lol

What I am afraid of the katwalk is to lose that room scale capability that I love for some games where u can actually avoid projectiles or swords etc. I love that feel of immersion that room scale freedom of movements can give

What I am thinking is to at least try to diy the katwalk by maybe playing with the waiste strap and somehow modify it so that I can move my upper body torso . I need to come up with some sort of idea of having some sort of strap coming from the top…I do not know. I need to first get the katwalk and then see what can be done and if somethign can be done about it. I do not want to lose these movements here



No, I’ve decided to wait and see. I’m really concerned about the ability to take full-strides with it but also like you said… avoid “projectiles and swords”… I would love to be able to play Gorn with it. Right now, I’m cleaning out a room in my house to make it a VR room because of Gorn and others apps… unfortunately the more space I make in that room… the more stuff the wife keeps putting in it. It’s getting frustrating and I think my only solution is something like the Katwalk… hence the reason why I’m patiently waiting for yours to arrive and reading your review!


I see!
Do not worry , I will help you by answering all the questions you have and do all sort of testing or whatever you need and want me to do, to fulfill any doubts you have ! :slight_smile:

Maybe we can come up with ideas and solutions too.

I hear you about the space and the wife.

My wife makes me feel she control and manage all the space in the apartment and I am relegated in a corner with my crap…and despite that, she keep putting staff in my corner lol


Thanks Marco… much appreciated!!! Now I’m even more excited for your delivery day.

Oh those wives… when my wife and I bought our home it came with 4 large closets that we shared equally… now 10 years later I’m down to 3/4 of a single closet. I’m certainly losing the space battle in my own castle!!!


When we bought our house, we did extensive renovations. We doubled the size of the master bedroom closet, which we agreed would be all her’s and I would get the guest room closet. Needless to say, the guest room closet now has a lot of “overflow” from her closet (which is at least 4 times the size of mine). It’s only been 5 years; now I’m worried about where things will be in another 5 years.


Not to worry the next expansion on your house will be a 10x20 warddrobe closet with all the latest tech to make choosing an outfit easier. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles::relieved::joy:


I’d rather go naked and only live in a virtual world. :laughing: