Kat Walk Mini and Pimax 8K


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so the story in Ready Player One was so true then,
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My pleasure :slight_smile: !

Haha! Sorry about that!




Sorry. I do not understand what u mean


how much did you pay for the katwalk




2499 dollars to which to add the shipping to USA and the tax that I would need to pay and that hopefully will not be worse than they are , because of Trump taxing Chinese imported material…

Unfortunately I was not that smart because I was not sure about it at first and I let pass that time when the price was half of it :frowning:

I should have backed it right away


That’s some bad ass piece of tech man, happy to hear all about it!


hope you like it, give us a review when you use it!


Does anyone know if some have received the kat walk mini?


After this much time and that much money, I am sorry to hear you have no idea about your purchase. For a giant D-Pad which does not track feet movement but simulates sliding around on ice, I am sorry to hear you haven’t even got your product yet and are wondering if anyone has.


I know about the status of my shipment . The shipment will be this month via boat. Katwalk mini customer support is responding. Hardlight vest customer support is non existent instead. Go figure

I was wondering about other 's ppl shipment to hear their reviews.

For tacking feet, I am thinking to combine /use at the same time with the katwalk, other vr gadgets that i ordered.

What other vr locomotion gadgets would you suggest instead of the kat walk mini?


I am in wave 2 and will ship end of this month


If you can achieve 1:1 foot tracking movement I will be interested to hear about your hardware setup and maybe you can write a bit about your experience. I don’t know of any better solutions, the state of technology is a little discouraging for me.


Its pretty sad right. How great would proper locomotion simulation in your living room be. Sounds like the tech is going to be unnaffordable for the next year at least though.


so many of the motion systems out there seen to rely on freeing you in one way and restraining you in another. personally i have been really impressed by current implementation of natural locomotion.

currently it relies on arm movement , but they are testing compatibility with both step tracking, and using pucks or another cheaper tracking solution to allow jogging in place. i really like this kind of system because you can still do things like go prone. it seems like some wmr users have had issues with it recently though, but its been great for me .


So far it seems the best free movement solution seems to be walking in place using trackers. Ideally steam tracking pucks become very cheap so we can use a few of those to solve this without any extra non steam based hardware. Otherwise I’m considering this https://www.walkovr.com/ as a good alternative.


I have ordered the walkovr already. Waiting for being delivered to me when ready.

I have also vive trackers for the walk in place solution or esle.

I see the kat walk mini as 1 option for moving in vr thoug not perfect. I think there is for example no other alternative than the kat walk mini for locomotion in console vr games.