KAT Walk Mini - VR Treadmill



Damn it looks good! Especially with the 8k HMD.
I wish they could keep the price down … I would love to get one but 2000$ish is just a whole lot of money.


I’d love to see a demo by you @MarcoBalletta! You have bought the KatWalkMini. And I’ve been following them for years now. Do you have any idea when the KatWalkMini is going to arrive at your door?


I believe it will not arrive to me before the end of September.
The shipping date is the end of August. The shipping will be by boat.
It will take at least 1 month to reach USA coast.
Realistically , I think I will be getting it in October :cry:

It was too expensive for me to have it shipped via plane

I am sure other people will be able to make reviews way before I get the unit home.

I am curious to test the kat walk along with other vr gadgets :wink: , like gloves and hardlight vest .

Also I am hoping I can experiment things with the katwalk


Damn a suit, gloves and the mini would be awesome :clap:t4: :sunglasses:


I just wish to figure out how and if a mini can limit some movements that we could have using room scale and I am wondering if we could come up with a DIY solution to have that hip belt strap anchor on our body differently (maybe from the top and not from the back) so that we can king of have more free movements in the torso . I am not sure. I need to get the hands on the kat walk to se how and what can be done to maybe make it even more cool :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if and who got their kat walk mini delivered ?

I am curious about their feedback


I already got my katvr mini.

Wait to check this Friday because I ship to my friend.