KAT Walk Mini - VR Treadmill



The problem for me with cybershoes is that I am stuck on a chair. I am their backer and I am looking forward to their shoes but I am also looking forward to walkovr since can do much more than cybershoes


WalkOVR is just walk in place, I can do that already just by moving my legs when I walk forward in game.
The CyberShoes are the same.

I don’t find walking in place to be particularly good, its just more of a tease of what a proper 360 treadmill would be.


With treadmill you lose room scale. I love the idea of still be able to move in my room space without any constriction and then for long distance , walk in place.
I wish there would be a treadmill allowing freedom of movement in room scale, but that would be crazy expensive


But you’re still locked in place with walk-in-place/cybershoes as you are still in one location.



You have huge turning circle with them though, doing a 180 would take time spinning in a chair.

Best walk-in-place system I’m seeing is literally just to fake it n walk in place while you press forward on the controller, same with backwards n strafing coz the cybershoes have huge turning circle, pocketstrafe has no backwards or sideways walking (but is cheap as hell) same goes with WalkOVER.

360 treadmill is the only one that looks worth its salt n there isn’t a proper good one yet as the Kat Mini LOOKED the best but with them it comes down to when they add support for a game so like VorpX etc will be problematic and they are constantly in a race against new games coming out and supporting them so you will be Constantine waiting on them supporting whatever new game it is you want to play.


Walkovr will support walking forward, backwards and sideways though walk in place. It will Allow room scale and it wil allow walk in place for walk long distance . It will work with vorpx ganes and vr games

Nalo / walk in place, supports walk in place forward and backward and allows room scale. It is limited to only vr games for now.

Treamills have no capability to walk room scale. You are stuck in a point . You are chained and with little movements for avoiding bullets , or else and feel free.

If you are pushing a button to move around in vr, while moving the legs up and down just for make it believe , that is not moving in vr with legs. You are still using your hands and buttons to move and that for me is not good


I wonder how WalkOVR works with backwards and sideways? What movement would it require you to do with your legs to do that without you walking irl and it being different to lifting your legs up and putting them back down again (walking forward).
Guess I’ll have a read on their site and see if they explain it in any way.

Same goes for NaLo.


Interesting reply:-

We are deeply sorry for the misunderstanding. The messages from Pimax forum might include information that’s not up to date. We have developed our own technology - InSteam which enables users of KAT Walk series’ Omni-Directional Treadmills to play any Free Locomotion content on steam Please feel welcome to check out our gameplays from these games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_0Wt3Heyw&t=1s Skyrim VR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF2w0w7Eiu4&t=21s DOOM VFR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEhwLRX4m2s&t=10s Fallout 4 VR Indeed we also cooperate with developers as games adapted to our technology with use of our native SDK provide enhanced experience (Analog speed, independent head and body directions and more). However, Free Locomotion games from steam are fully compatible with our solutions. Thank you for the link to the conversation on pimax forum. We will definitely get involved to clear up this misunderstanding and provide help with calibration to anyone who bought our devices and encountered any compatibility issues. Our technology translates physical motion to standard commands. However, we did not test our devices with VorpX thus we cannot ensure that they will work properly with this solution. What’s more - games such as GTA 5 are based on third person view what might cause serious motion sickness issues.


They said they are going to come and reply here which is good! :slight_smile:


Well, in my case that’s just a positive. I don’t have the room or the budget for a threadmill. With the Cybershoes I can just put aside the barstool and carpet when we need the room. Already made a “contraption” with pulleys and extension cables on the ceiling. Which can be removed too if needed.


Greetings from Team KAT VR

Considering the current discussion about the content compatibility of our products, we have decided to join the conversation and help you better understand how our devices work, and which games are compatible with them.

Generally speaking, KAT Walk devices are compatible with two kinds of games:

-Native games developed either by KAT VR itself, or by our partners who decided to provide enhanced support, and together with our team ensured content compatibility based on our original SDK.

-Free Locomotion games which are compatible with our devices thanks to the InSteam Technology which has been developed independently by KATVR. In case of these games, their adaptation to our solutions based on SDK is not necessary. This technology translates physical motion into standard digital commands ensuring our solutions compatibility with Free Locomotion content including many of the world’s largest AAA titles - Skyrim, Doom, Fallout, and dozens of other games - Arizona Sunshine, Onward, Pavlov, VR Chat, Seeking Dawn and many many others.

VorpX might not be working with our ODTs, since we haven’t yet decided to provide compatibility with this tool, therefore commands translation that has been applied in our InSteam plug-in might not be available in this case.

Making use of our universal compatibility achieved thanks to InSteam, our team constantly test newly released Free Locomotion content without the necessity to adapt it to our solutions with SDK. Once content compatibility with Free Locomotion is confirmed and we can ensure the game does not contain any locomotion techniques or content conflicting with our technology (what could lead to malfunctions), it becomes available on our devices and can be accessed at any time. In case any relevant content is currently unavailable, please rest assured it will be added anytime soon.
We hope our answer addresses all of your concerns. Please feel welcome to share your feedback, and ask more questions if you have any.


For Nalo, u bend your back behind and u go backwards

Not sure yet for walkovr. You can email them . They would answer you


Thanks! Same as I was saying to your tech support , until you guys do not implement a solution in katio for us to add games in your library in katio, we can’t lunch all the games we want , to try to play them with katvr . We are forced to go through your katio and many of the games I have on my pc are not seen by katio.

An example are Oculus 's games that we lunch using pitool . We can add those games in pitool library and lunch them through pitool. Those games do not exist in your katio . I have shared above screencap of the games that are supported through your katio, that by the way can only be lunched if those games are purchased by us on steam vr, hence again, there is no import solution to import our .exe games that are in our hard disk, solution that instead exists in pitool and in steam.

I look forward to your developers improve katio and add such option too to make katvr more private consumer friendly


Walkovr do not require space and allow still room space. That is another option for locomotion , option that does not make us stuck on a chair , compared to cybershoes that does stuck us on a chair


" It’s great to hear you first of all.

About moving different directions.

Well, you wear 5 nodes on your body, the main one is your chest and let you control the direction of your movement.

Hence, a little bit tilting your upper body backwards or right/left to strafe lets you move in those directions.

About the compatibility question, you know being compatible is a big promise and some complex reasons may cause lack of competibility so we be careful on this.

However, as you mentioned in your q, with all standard smooth locomotion steam VR games should be compatible with WalkOVR straight out of the box.

No, you will not be waiting us to support each game. We develop our client to download and apply game profiles automatically, so you even won’t need to download some gameprofiles from the web and install it into a specific folder etc.

We thank you for your time and care.

We are always here to answer your questions.

Warm regards.

WalkOVR Team"

Interesting technique using chest position, might work quite well :slight_smile:


Yes. This is 1 of the gadget I am looking forward to add to the gadgets I have for locomotion :slight_smile:


If you can please work with pimax to come up with a solution for this related to Oculus games


Thank you for letting us know about it.
Our R&D team has been informed about this issue, and will consider providing support for pitool.


Thank you so much !

Please take In consideration everything i have mentioned about the katio for possible future updates


Wow, @MarcoBalletta, you are going for the best latest tech toys. Pimax, Cyber shoes, KatVR, 6dof Dofreality. What do you want next? A rocket trip to the moon? :smile:


What are u going to do?
I like to waste money in vr because so far, no matter how many gloves or different locomotion systems I have bought , none have given me the experience I wish in vr , where i can use hands and not buttons to interact with virtual objects in a virtual game world and where I can walk short and long distances in a virtual game word, not pushing a button and without feeling like a chained dog.

Coming from the era of the commodore vic 20 when i was 5-10 years old, I find fashinating where we have arrived in 30- 35 years