KAT Walk Mini - VR Treadmill


@MarcoBalletta @bubbleball Heres an idea, try one/some of these progs to see if it’ll give you a way to map the W key to your Kat Mini so you can get it to work with VorpX and the games that it won’t currently work with :slight_smile:

If you do or already have tried one/some of them please let us know here! :slight_smile:


@bubbleball How did you find using your Kat Mini? was it fun to use with the games that it works with like Skyrim?


I give my friend to borrow for 3 months, will get back later.


@MarcoBalletta @bubbleball @KATVR It looks like the design changed at some point and they made the platform you walk on a lot less curved, the actual floorspace it takes up is smaller too as the platform is also smaller. The rear bars at the side are just angled not bent near the bottom either and if we compare vids of how people walk on each version we can see that the actual motion of walking has drastically changed, for worse, because of it and your pic @MarcoBalletta shows us yours is the new one :frowning:


Newer, crappier version:-

Now its far too similar to using say Natural Locomotion app with vive foot trackers or Pocket Strafe app for 2 phones in your pockets and just walking in one place/no actual striding forward.


I think that by using the katvr shoes or the katvr shoe covers , it is possible to have more an effect of walking than sliding


Firstly, indeed KAT Walk mini has slightly changed over time and the current version is a little bit different from the first version. However, no changes were made to the size or shape of the base plate itself. The sides of the shell have been made straight in order to decrease the space required for KAT Walk mini placement. Several other minor changes have been made, and they might cause the station to look smaller but none of them affected the walking experience. You might have noticed some differences in a way different people walk on our treadmills since a lot depends on whether someone is wearing our dedicated shoe covers or not. Everyone also has slightly different walking habits. However, that last thing is not a problem at all. Our devices have been equipped with smart algorithms that recognize your walking habits and learn them. The more you use our treadmill, the more accurate it becomes regardless of whether you decide to wear socks, shoes, or shoes with our covers. In the end you still get a high-quality walking experience


This is the type of walk some can achieve