Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Dear all,

Thank you for your support and patience for waiting!

As to Kickstarter pledges, we have shipped all kickstarter headsets to those backers who have already confirmed the delivery details (address & headset type) with us on 15th March. But there are still 394 backers whose delivery information is not complete. We will reserve the 394 headsets in our overseas warehouses, and once we got the final confirmed delivery information, we will ship out ASAP.

As to preorder shipment, all the orders before 17th March are going to be shipped out by 25th March.

Here is the table of detailed information on shipping and production for kickstarter backers and preorder customers:

  • In stock(Oversea warehouse): We will ship out the headsets from overseas warehouses in 3 days, and then will prode you the tracking number.

  • In transit to overseas warehouse : The logistics period normally takes 7-10 days toward overseas warehouse

  • Producing : Orders will be shipped out before 25th March(The orders before 17th March).

The shipped headsets can cover all confirmed Kickstarter and most preorders’ requests, we will keep shipping preorder headsets and improving tracking service.

Thanks for your support and have a good day.

[Pimax Official] the Current Order and Logistics Status
Backer 2522 no headset as yet
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Thank you for updating @Dallas.Hao


wow, you are really waiting for me. Thank you!



Of course it’s mine. I’m so unlucky LOL.


Hi @Dallas.Hao, thanks for the update!
I am very glad to hear that now the headsets have already been sent accurately to everyone who has everything in order with personal data and address.

But I have to ask about my 8K: did you send my 8K (Backer number # 2983) and is everything OK with my data and address? (despite the fact that my profile with my data was filled back in November / December, I still sometimes doubt this)

Please clarify this point, if not difficult.



Your precious is on the way to you.


Very happy, big thanks for the information! :slightly_smiling_face: (This day started very well! :grinning: )


@Siberdt Wrong, knowing my luck is my HMD. :rofl:
@Dallas.Hao Thx for update. :clap:


@Dallas.Hao Hi, my kickstarter number 3440 did you send my 8k hmd? how can I know the tracking number of the shipment


@Dallas.Hao Preorder 5K+ no to TW?


What about 5k BE (RE) preorders? @Dallas.Hao


How do you know it’s you?


Because of:

  • HK warehouse with EU spec, may also mean shipping to Russia.
  • This is the only P8 that is still on the way to warehouse.
  • Sh#t happens for me permanently :slight_smile:

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Your positive mind is excellent.
Especially the last…


Hey, I’m Russian. This is our lifestyle. :smiley:



EU still looks like there’s not enough produced


Are the headsets from Kickstarter backers that changed to the “5K BE” also shipped?


I’ll believe it in 14 days when my headset should have arrived.


I’d also like to know about BE/XR delivery time frames please.


“…we have shipped all kickstarter headsets to those backers who have already confirmed the delivery details (address & headset type) with us on 15th March.”

I never received anything to confirm delivery details on March 15th. I have however confirmed previously on two separate occasions.

How can I find out if I am confirmed or not?