Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Hi all, we have arranged some batches for backers and get the tracking numbers, just need a little more time, we will send the mail to you. now because I can’t access the database(I am at home), so just wait for the mail or wait for me to update to you tomorrow.


P123723 Tried the “check your order status” link, says “Order was not found”. Can I get a status update please?


Tracking number:8267650672


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HK DHL shipping number


HK DHL tracking number


The record shows that still need you provide us the phone number, or the logistic partner won’t arrange the delivery. I know it must our mistake that missed your mail, but could you give me by PM?


The tracking number is:
Singapore EMS EX025890427SG


Hi, we have arranged the delivery at 25th, you should can get the tracking number these two days.



Backer 4033.

I had updated my address, was told it was updated, but my information is missing from the spreadsheet.


for 5KBE we will ship out tomorrow and we have changed the logistic, that would speed up the transit to UK warehouse.


It should be on the way to USA warehouse, suppose can arrive there in 3-5 business days


I posted a message on SUPEN-3032. check please


I updated the sup just now


p123321 you said tracking number today, but nothing.


@mozi Hi Mozi, since people pre-order later then me already got their tracking, so i was curious and want to know my tracking number not just status because it stuck there like more than 2weeks. P122248 is my PO number, order late Nov & from HK to Singapore shouldn’t take this long. my birthday is coming. at least a good news please.

Edit: Nvm i just got tracking number too after i post this 1hr later :smile:
Hope everyone get their HMD very soon~!


Please check there :
works for pre order only as i write it

With this link you can check when you the status


Does this work for Kickstarter Backers as well?


Unfortunately not. They didn’t have the time to manually add every backer to the tool already


Unfortunate. My number disappeared from the spreadsheet after showing an incorrect status beforehand.