Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



I bet that doesnt work for backers. It didnt work for me anyway


Nope… The backers that stilll haven’t received their headsets are in limbo land… stuck between having no headset and having no support… pre orders now have priority


@mozi, just tried the new check-your-order-status, and it comes back with “Order Not Found”… that’s pretty disheartening!

I’m backer 3096… and opt to change from a 8K to a BE. We were told that all the BE headsets would be shipped by the 25th… but there is absolutely no status whatsoever on the BEs.

AND… those of us who has opted for the BE were just recently offered to change to an XR with a $100 refund, meaning we would be cancelling our business status support if we made that change. Recently a customer received a XR instead of a BE without asking for the change… can you please explain? (Can’t get an answer out of support)



I’m one of those backers whose delivery details has been confirmed and as of the 11th of March spreadsheet shows, my BE headset was in being built status.

I have no tracking number, have received no notification of shipping, and can’t get a reply out of Support or any PM I’ve sent out.

Where’s my PIMAX???


We deduced long ago that “being built” actually means not being built / waiting to be built (I’m serious)


@mozi I really need some form of help with this. I’ve now tried contacting Pimax through every means available to me except kickstarter’s comment section.

Backer 4033.

PLEASE help.


I get that @DR_Qrunch, but now they’re telling us that all Kickstarter units have been sent out… that was on the 19th, a week ago… and yet I have nothing to indicate my headset is in shipping status. The worse of it all is I can’t get any information from support or any of the PMs I’ve sent out and then they tell us there’s a new “shipping status” app that I hoped would give me an update… only it tells me my “Order is Not Found”. What the hell…
@Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @PimaxUSA


Yup. Same here (8K)… only I’m too tired to ask for status from our friends.
My HMD might be delivered tomorrow or in 2 months. And Brexit is in play too… the HMD will be stuck in the middle of it since it goes to the UK before going to Sweden.

Good times.


Dear all KS backers,

FYI, I picked up my 8K today 26 MAR 2019 without giving notice of a tracker number, so the rumors are true, you will probably receive the HMD before the tracking number.

Apparently the shipping company that handles the shipment from Hong Kong have a crappy IT dept, their website is a piece of junk, I can’t even search for any detail on my shipment with the tracking number receipt on the box. Plus they wrote a incomplete address on it.

So, keep your heads up in case some courier call you for delivery confirmation.



P.S. Trust me, there’s nothing for Pimax to do even you guys keep yelling at them, because it’s in the shipping company’s hand now.

P.S.2 By calculating the time frame, I do believe they ship out all the KS backers’ HMD to all warehouse by 19 MAR.


Nor for me, just says “Order not found”.


I’m going to keep yelling until I can get an actual last reported status of my device. Mine disappeared from the spreadsheets, and had incorrect information displayed before that. I can’t simply wait any longer, I’ve been 6 weeks without a proper update after my status was misreported, and 3 since my status was completely deleted.


@mozi Any status update of my 8K? KS backer # 6774

Have not received any mail about shipping or any other info.



Thank you :slight_smile: 20202020


@mozi can you please give me an update, backer number 4683. Thank you.


Thanks very much for your help.


I’m happy you got your headset, I really am… however (of course there’s a however) some of us don’t even know if Pimax has actually shipped our headsets or if Pimax even has a record of our order. When you use the new fancy dancy Status Updates and it shoots back “Order Not Found”, that and past history of Pimax might have a few of us freaked.

And yet… even after the many forum posts (some might call it yelling) asking Pimax for an update… we still have no response from Pimax.


It’s only meant for pre-orders, so the “order not found” isn’t surprising really. What’s surprising (maybe not really after all) is that once again pre-orders get all the love and backers are left in the dark. The statement “all KS units have been shipped” doesn’t comfort me at all.


Hi, Also still waiting on a tracking number for KS Backer #4382 for 8K? Any update would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone else in Australia get there 8K or tracking number yet?


Im a preorder and also getting “order not found” so its not just backers.


They told me 1 week ago that i will get tracking number in 2 days. They told me 2 days ago that i will get tracking number yesterday. They told me 2 months agod that they will ship in jan, then in feb. The lies just continue. Where is this this legendary tracking number you talk about?
“Suppose you will get tracking in 2 days”. Suppose its time to file fraud case with credit card.