Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



I hope these overseas warehouses get off their butts and ship these HMDs soon. I’ll wait a few days for them to send me a tracking number before I start blowing up the forums LOL.


totally understandable, and if they are shipping the box by air, and going thru customs, probably arriving USA/CAN next week Wed and wait for further distribution, I’d say you guys probably start receiving next Friday


Backer 6614 in Japan. please tracking number…


@mozi backer 2538 Japan, I’d like an update plz. Thank You.


I am in the same boat as you and waiting for both my headsets and i hope they arrive soon so i feel your pain but we will get there eventually lol


Hi all)
Can I ask my track-number? Order P121955 (8K with hand motion).


Yesterday it was “Arrived in Shanghai”
Now - “Order was not found”
So worry about it…



Thanks for all your help and sorry to be a pain but that DHL 8267651416 tracking number you just provided was for the 8K headset that I already received a few days ago, there was a 5K+ (or 5K BE) pimax headset plus sent to me over two months ago that still is a no show, I really needed that 5K+ headsets tracking number!!!


Backer # 4080


What are they doing with my 8K in the HK warehouse … why don’t they send it??? :sob:


Comrade, let’s wait and see.


You promised me to send feedback at the morning but until now I received nothing from you


Kickstarter backer number 4214 . Check please. Thanks.


I have just received a shipment notification email from Pimax support with a tracking number for my 8k which I received 23 days ago! :rofl:


@mozi Hello. I am Kickstarter backer 5219, still havent received any tracking/shipping info about my Pimax 5K+. I get no answers from . Please help me!


Hi our record shows that we have arranged the delivery, you should can get the tracking number these two days


You said that 8 days ago!!!


how is you status here ?


Hello, China ordered 8K in October 2018 and hasn’t shipped yet. Why has 8K already been shipped in other countries? Order No. 155?


“Arrived at overseas warehouses”


Luckier than me, ordered in january, only shipped from factory after production :’(