Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Hi, I will check and feedback you later


I will check and feedback you later


Order 6525 please :slight_smile:


Me too, please. Backer 4033.


@mozi Backer 6560. Any info?


backer nummer 5493 any news for me?


Hello, China ordered 8K hasn’t shipped yet. Order No. 483 ,When will the 8K be shiped?thk


Hello , i am Backer 6,851 ,still havent received any tracking/shipping info about my Pimax 8k


@mozi 8K is fine. Thank you!


I just really to scream “Olly Olly Oxen Free!” to be seen! I’m really, REALLY FRUSTRATED at this point.

Someone HELP.


Your tracking number is EX025895804SG


Hi China order will ship out these two days


Hi @mozi I’d like a tracking number for backer #4633 thanks

EDIT: just got a txt from FedEx with a delivery expected 4th April. (The couple recent ebay purchases I’ve done wouldn’t warrant such a txt) I guess it’s finally happening


Hi @mozi
Please let me know my tracking number before you leave the office.Today is the second day.
backer 2595 , SUPEN-2878


Hi @mozi

backer 2538, any info?


Mid 4000’s 8k backer in Australia here, just got a text from FedEx that I have a package scheduled for 3rd of April.
Comes from a “KWUN TONG HK” which I guess is one of their freight forwarders in HK? EDIT: actually I guess its a province or area of HK.
Dimensions and weight seems to match the descriptions of the Pimax package.
So far status is “Shipping label has been created.” But it’s good to have a status at all.


Thats good to know. Im mid 4000 as well andnin Australia. Still waiting on this text with tracking though.


Mine is arrived in shanghai since the 25th. I cant imagine it will meet the stated schedule. But maybe it is just not updated and they are shipping already.


A lot of people received their Pimax before the tracking number… I hope it s same for you.

Ordered January 18th, it s only shipped out of factory :’(


Hi, we will arrange the delivery from HK warehouse by tomorrow. and then 1-3 business days you can get the tracking number.