Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Tracking number is


How about my tracking? Any update by chance? #4382


Order Number: P124039
Shipping Status Order Confirmed
is delay again?



Will this help get me noticed? I’ve been asking here for days while others get answered around me, I’ve got 3 separate support tickets opened, some now for months, without responses. I’m not included in any of the information on the spreadsheet, I’m not getting responses from the US support person on Reddit.


@mozi Backer 4033 8K
@mozi Backer 4033 8K
@mozi Backer 4033 8K
@mozi Backer 4033 8K
@mozi Backer 4033 8K
@mozi Backer 4033 8K


I have not received a reply.
Kickstarter backer number 4214 . Check it please. Thanks.


We must keep asking until we know status of our 8K …

Backer number 2466 … please check, thank you!


Probably they need to further redesign / fix some kinks in 8k before shipping and not getting huge RMAs… This is just my assessment of the 8k situation.


The issue is that contradicts other information they’ve put out about the 8ks for the US already being shipped to the overseas warehouses. If that IS the status of the device, that’s FINE! But my backer number is now missing from over a month of spreadsheets and I can’t get anyone to answer what the hell happened to my information.



Backer 6086 ( from france ) for 8k full package, i have received my DPD UK tracking number today .

Thank you @mozi @Dallas.Hao :slight_smile:


They won’t answer anyting unpleasant to customer other than giving broad scale fantasy scheduling information hope to soothe customer down for the moment.


Why did you ignore my request?



Hey @mozi I sent you PM 7 days ago and I haven’t heard anything. I also haven’t been able to get a response from @Pimax-Support (2 emails) @Sean.Huang @matthew.xu @PimaxUSA, Supen 1974 (closed without an answer), or Supen 2796 (still open). Kevin responded to me during my initial contact but we didn’t resolve the issue and FedEx was never able to contact anyone at Pimax so the headset you sent was sent back to you. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


@mozi still awaiting news and tracking on my 5k and 8k you told me two weeks ago 5k left SH and would take 10 days until I get it backer 6248 also update on 8k I won on facebook.
You last message said you would get back to me and yet I still await news and tracking please update me with HONEST answer where they are and when I will get them both THANK YOU


Assessment based on what? The design hasn’t changed. There’s no need to just make things up, since it’s far enough from optimal as it is.
We know there was trouble with the 4K panels for a long time and after that the 8K production was slow. Last statement was that all backer headsets (with confirmed info etc) have left the factory… so please share any non made up information you’re sitting on.


We are kept in dark on everything with this company.
It is just natural to speculate why so and what’s the reasoning behind it…


Speculating and making things up are not the same.


With lack of proper information for customers, all considerations are more like speculation. I grant you that.
My only wish is, the Pimax would share the information more openly, no matter how unpleasant is would be for the current customer base right now. In the long run, they’d win trust with bigger customer base and have reputation to be a honest company.
I am quite okay to wait the product if the reason is for example quality improvements to the product or problems in logistics chain. Please just tell us if you have some issues, that’s all…
I respect Pimax to be only company to have second generation HMD product in the world right now.


That’s for damn sure. There would’ve been so much less anger on the forums during the past year. It seems they’re still not getting it.


Backer 6,288. USA.

I am listed under the building tab, but there are NO numbers in any column. I am one of a handful of people that show up like that.

What’s the deal? According to all reports, US 8Ks should be shipping.


Your luckier than me ive not had my 5k yet even let alone my 8k