Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Although the promised date is over one day but I believe I will get the tracking number today. Right? @mozi


Whats wrong with my order P123136
The day before yesterday i can search my order is arrived in overseas warehouses
today i search show Order was not found
so what is my order status now?


My delivery has gone from HK back to China. Kinda pointless to send it to an ‘overseas’ warehouse to begin with lol

Edit: now it’s in singapore -getting closer


I can only assume your address is made entirely of special characters.


I was provided a tracking number by private message. But the number is not working. Any idea how long it takes for them to get it into fedex system?


@xanthis My txt message had a link in it which worked fine. (Which asked me to confirm the delivery method)
That link did not work a second time tho - I had to use the tracking search on the fedex page.
Maybe the tracking number doesn’t work until you click the link (if you got one in the txt)


Any infos on my Shipping? Backer 2.844.


Any shipping updates? Backer 2390 here. Still waiting.
This no answering thing is really painfull.
PIMAX if you have trouble with agreements or shipping issues you got to tell us whats happening but with silince you make consumers angry.


6525 still no info …


Got my tracking info this morning. Thank you Pimax.

Showed it was picked up Hong Kong today the 29th, then traveled back in time to Cincinnati Customs on the 28th, then teleported back to Hong Kong today, the 29th again only to be released by Cincinnati Customs later this morning LOL. WTF, hopefully it gets here by Tuesdays delivery estimate.

Friday, March 29, 2019 Location Time
7 Customs status updated CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 09:47

6 Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 17:06


4 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 04:21

3 Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 03:46

Thursday, March 28, 2019 Location Time
2 Customs status updated CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 14:23

Friday, March 29, 2019 Location Time
1 Shipment picked up HONG KONG - HONG KONG 00:06


Good news for backer #71XX (8K):

  • Tracking number 3/27
  • Left overseas warehouse (UK) 3/28
  • Estimated delivery 4/4

At this point I’m assuming the estimated delivery is handover from DPD to Postnord, the domestic company. Very good news indeed, since this means it’s leaving the UK before Brexit :joy:
(atm they seem to have postponed Brexit with 2 weeks. Original date was today 3/29)

Edit: Left Denmark this morning 4/1. New estimated delivery tomorrow 4/2


Today I received Pimax 8k. In good condition and works. :ok_hand:
It’s time to configure and set the joypad to work in VR. :hammer_and_wrench:
Thx @Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR


Hello, i backer number 3055, still have not track.


I cannot believe it, but today I got my Pimax pledge 5K+, just as the tracking number provided 5 days ago stated. So please remove #6788 from the NOT RECIEVED list! Yet to set up and test as I need to disassemble old vive Deluxe headstrap for use on the Max. Seems to be in good condition. Congratulations Pimax on fulfilling this backers wish. Please make all efforts to fulfill ALL the other original backers. As I have, they have been waiting a very long time. Ended fulfillment at 73 weeks. @mozi @Pimax-Support :sunglasses:


It is all the more surprising that 71xx has received the tracking number and 25xx does not yet have the tracking number. There are as many as 5,000 people between the two. I’ve never seen such a delivery. Pimax officials, have a great weekend. @mozi @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao


Indeed. There was about 1100 8Ks left to produce after the CNY if I remember correctly. I would guess they were all basicly shipped from SH at the same time, so it can’t be long now


Finally got an SMS a few days ago. My HMD is due next week! :smiley:
Now I’m keen to get updates on LH and controllers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


None at all lol but the guys at pimax assure me all is in hand so I trust the words an continue to wait and look forward to getting my headsets :joy:


In Japan
Backer #2443, #2934 got their 8ks today , 30-Mar.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


osukare samadeshita…^^