Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Backer 6525 still no update and no idea what’s going on.


@mozi @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao

Hello, i backer number 3055, still have not track.


Backer nummer 5493 also still no tracking number here…



Any update on the 5K XR’s? A few days ago you said they were going to ship the 30th. I’m still waiting since ordering back in January. It’s now the 31st in most timezones and still radiosilence. Help me out please.


Hi @mozi and @Dallas.Hao

I’m Backer #4080 my 82676514168 8K had just shipped and arrived few days later (I had to pay full duties when it arrived earlier today :frowning:

But my 5K+ headset said it was shipped back in late Jan / Feb 2019 (according to your spreadsheets and support tickets) and I still heard no status since, tracking, or anything. Your spreadsheets since then said it was shipped but I’ve seen nothing or heard nothing almost two months later and I know my address was correct as I thankfully got my 8K a few days (via DHL express) after it shipped.

Can you please look into my two month missing 5K plus headset’s whereabouts?



Backer 2934 here. I can confirm I have received it. Build quality so far seems very good. No cracks thus far, the panels are flawless no dead pixels, perfectly matched, no lines, no spots, blotches or any of that sort. The case seems to be reinforced with a thousand backers tears, which may explain the slight glimmering sheen it has when under direct light and the smell is of a hint of salt.

Last night I put it on my night stand so I can keep an eye on it and make sure that this is actual reality and not some sort of vivid dream.

The only complaint I have is that I needed to reflash it because it somehow it was in DFU mode and I also did not receive my top hat and monocle or whipping cane so I can go on the forums and start shunning those peasant backers still waiting.

A memorial service was held and accompanying brief moment of silence for those yet to receive theirs.


Really? Sounds reasonable though. I am one pre order only placed because of the advertising of youtubers. I trusted pimax because of that. But honestly i would not buy anymore. Because, well this company is not reliable in my eyes. Even if the guys like Mozi and Dallas are trying their best. The policy is a mess. Ignoring order cancellations, not responding to requests, not keeping up with their timetables or even pushing it back all the time, sending orders in a inapropriate way both long delivery time and not matching with order dates. It is pure chaos. Like i said. No need to be unpolite to the customer service, but it I would not recommend it to anyone. I am not used to be treated like this.


More than 10 days have passed since PIMAX sent my HMD from Shanghai to Hong Kong warehouse. And, four days have passed since Mozi said he could send a tracking number. But I didn’t get the tracking number. What’s wrong? @mozi @Dallas.Hao
My Backer No. 2595


If it makes you feel better, I say a small prayer for you every time I put my 8K headset on.


I have updated by PM


I finally got the delivery number. Thank you all. I’m so happy that I can’t fall asleep.


good night, hope we got ours soon too.


Yet you still ignored my requests.


Backer 6086 ( from france ) i have received my 8K . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


`[quote=“Jasonb77, post:276, topic:17360”]

sorry, that wasn’t my intent,there are too many request. Your delivery had been arranged at 29th March. I will provide you the tracking number tomorrow


Thanks mozi- sorry about that. I appreciate your help.


Your tracking number is UPS: 1Z150R050331850486


Hoping I can be included in status updates today!

@mozi Backer 4033


Thanks Mozi!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


@mozi Backer 2828.

They sent me the 5k+ model, when I had ordered the 8k. I returned it in January and I’m still waiting for news.